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Qingdao Future City in Shandong Province

24 Feb 2023

Design: CLOU architects

Location: Qingdao, Shandong Province, China

Qingdao Future City Shandong Province China

Photos by Zhu Runzi

Qingdao Future City — the Fantastic Jungle

CLOU architects was commissioned by Vanke to design the fourth-floor atrium of the newly opened Future City Mall in Qingdao. Located in Qingdao’s northern district, Vanke Future City is a brand-new shopping and leisure destination devoted to mingling aesthetics, creativity, and social experiences, hoping to bring fresh vitality to Qingdao’s old town and its surroundings.

Qingdao Future City China

The crux of the design challenge was to create an iconic social space, tempting customers to the mall’s upper levels and energizing its retail and dining areas. This led to the concept of an immersive jungle garden.

Qingdao Future City China

Today’s consumers value comfort and intimacy in commercial and public spaces, and cherish nature, outdoors, wellness, and social interaction above all. Responding to this, the firm decided to integrate nature and art into an immersive space. Drawing inspiration from the paintings of Henri Rousseau, CLOU created a vibrant, experientially unique jungle garden.

Qingdao Future City China

Tropical Forest with Monkeys, Henri Rousseau

In the atrium’s central space, the firm chose a two-storey red cube structure as the focal point, surrounded by a jungle of plants and water. Reminiscent of the primitive and mysterious scenes in Rousseau’s paintings, the vibrant colours, light, and shade invoke an imaginative and dreamlike atmosphere.

Qingdao Future City China

CLOU chose bright red as a primary colour to create a striking visual impression to quickly grab people’s attention. Like the flowers and animals that populate Rosseau’s mysterious paintings, the firm created a dazzling contrast between the colourful subject, detailed background, and a pleasing sense of illusion.

Qingdao Future City Shandong Province China

Qingdao Future City Shandong Province China

A circular bridge on the first floor connects the central cube to its surrounding areas with varying staircases. Tropical greenery, seating, water features, and staircases create human-scale details, enhancing the walking experience and enticing customers to linger and explore. This alluring, outdoor feeling provides its visitors with a place where their imaginations can roam freely.

Qingdao Future City China

A variety of paths and steps create fun and interactive scenes for socializing, exploring, and taking photos. The entire atrium serves as a public space for the local community to relax and enjoy a perfect venue for joyful community events.

Qingdao Future City Shandong Province China

With the unique spatial experience created for Qingdao Future City, CLOU hopes to activate the social and artistic potential of the commercial space by creating a fun, intimate, and pleasurable place for creating lasting memories.

Qingdao Future City China

Qingdao Future City in Shandong Province, China – Building Information

Designer: CLOU architects – China

Project Name: Qingdao Vanke Future City
Client: Vanke
Scope: L4 atrium interior
Program: Retail
Location: Qingdao, China
Size: 2,283 sqm
Status: Completion in 2022
Design Team: Jan Clostermann, Lin Li, Xinhui Ding, Rentian Liu, Jingyao Cheng, Qiao Ding, Christopher Biggin
LDI: Qingdao Tengyuan Design Institute Co., Ltd

Landscape: TOA Landscape Architecture
MEP: Promising Engineering and Consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd

About CLOU
CLOU is an award-winning international design studio with multidisciplinary expertise in master planning, architecture, interiors, and landscapes.

Across design and implementation, CLOU architects strive to create projects that positively influence the people involved in the making, the immediate and extended environment, and the communities that occupy and inhabit them.

Qingdao Future City Shandong Province China

Photography: Zhu Runzi

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Location: Qingdao, Shandong Province, China

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