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Protecting your home – best gadgets

6 Dec 2022

Protecting your home
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Protecting your home: What are the best gadgets and acquisitions to protect your House?

Our homes are our places of comfort. It is the one place you hope to come back to after a stressful day. It, therefore, makes sense that you are particular about keeping your home safe. Such protection involves preventing intruders from gaining access to your home to harm you and carting away your property.

The question then is: how do you achieve such a level of security? In this article, we will explore steps you can take to ensure your home is protected and technological upgrades worth considering. So, let’s get into it!

Protecting your home – best gadgets to buy

Security cameras

Investing in security cameras is one way to make your house more secure. These would allow you to monitor critical entry points to your home remotely. Some smart cameras can even alert you immediately when there is suspicious motion. This way, you can check what’s happening within your home’s vicinity from any part of the world or without stepping out (if you are home).

Security cameras are, therefore, a great addition to your home to minimize security threats and alert the appropriate authorities in case of a break-in.

Smart door locks

Thanks to the advancement in technology, you can now install a keyless door. One advantage of having a keyless lock is that intruders cannot pick your locks. This is because most smart locks have a numeric keypad that enables you to input a unique code to access your house.

In addition, many smart door locks can be connected to your smartphone. This allows you to control your door remotely. For instance, you can lock or unlock your door by simply logging into an app. Furthermore, some smart door locks can notify you if you forget to lock your home after leaving to ensure your home is not left vulnerable in your absence.

Motion-activated security lights

Most burglars take advantage of the night’s darkness to break into your home. However, you can prevent such activities using motion-activated security lights. As the name suggests, these security lights automatically activate upon sensing motion.

With these lights, you could successfully lead intending burglars into believing you are home, even when you are not. In addition, many motion-activated security lights can send alerts to your smartphone when they detect unusual movements around your home. In addition, compared to standard security lights, most motion-activated security lights are incredibly energy efficient. This is because the lights only come on when they have to, thus saving you some money on your electricity utility bill.

Alarm system

According to a 2022 home burglary survey and statistics, where detained burglars were asked what deterred them most from breaking into a property, about 50% stated that they wouldn’t enter a building with a working alarm system. Interestingly, an additional 23% stated that sensors and other evidence of an alarm system were enough to deter them. As such, a smart alarm system is considered one of the most effective ways to keep your house safe.

These systems work around sensors set strategically in the house – all connected to the central control panel. Once a burglar trips the sensor, the alarm system goes off and proceeds to perform a series of pre-set actions. This could be anything simple, like drawing your neighbor’s attention or alerting the proper authorities, thereby reducing their response time.

Notably, many alarm systems don’t just protect your house by preventing break-ins. These systems can also detect fire, carbon monoxide leaks, and other hazards.

Home Insurance

Home insurance is not a tangible security device that actively prevents your house from damage or your valuables from theft. Nevertheless, home insurance is also an effective way to protect your home, primarily if a breach occurs.

Home insurance plans generally cover damage to your house and personal assets as well as theft of possessions. You can shop for home insurance online to choose a plan that suits your needs – see Remember to check out the liability limit and deductible requirements on any plan you are considering.

Final Thoughts

A secure home is great for one’s peace of mind. As such, it is necessary to be proactive in protecting your home. You can do this by leveraging the technological advancements in the home security space or taking insurance for your home.

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