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Popular Types of Red Wine Beginners Should Know

3 Oct 2019

What Are the Popular Types of Red Wine That Every Beginner Should Know?

Well to be precise, there are 10 different types of wine that every beginner should know about. It is no doubt a great pair for any kind of occasion. If you are interested to learn about the wine then this guide will help you. At the end of this article, you will know everything you need to know about wine. Some of the common terms for wine are as follows:

  • Lightstruck
  • Pip
  • Bung
  • Balthazar

These are some common terms for wine but there are others too.

Popular Types of Red Wine

Most types of red wine are dry because they are made using red grapes. These red grapes have high tannins. It means that they are astringent and bitter. Due to this bitterness in the red wine, it is more dry than sweet. These types are as follows:


It is an Italian word which means “Blood of Jove”. Moreover, it is the name of the grape that used to make two popular types of wine: Brunello di Montalcino and Chianti. It is normally made in Italy but also can be found in California and Washington. Moreover, It is a medium-bodied wine with a high amount of acidity and tannins. It is a great wine to put in your wooden wine racks. You can drink it with any kind of tomato-based dish such as pizza and pasta due to its taste.


How can I forget about mentioning a wine from France region which is called Noir? This wine also has a nickname “Red Burgundy”. It is made using Pinot Noir grape. They cannot be grown anywhere, because they need a specific, climate, care and soil. That is why; the number of pinot noir grape production is very low around the world. That is also the reason, the noir is very expensive as compare to other types. As it is a red wine, so it is dry too. It has a fruity, crisp flavor like strawberry and red cherry. You can drink it with a wide range of foods. However, I like to pair it with grilled fish and chicken.


It is another great red wine from France. It has two names Syrah in California and Europe and Shiraz in South Africa and Australia. However, the variety of the grape is from France as mentioned above. But a large amount of these grapes about 23% comes from Australia. When it comes to the flavor, it has strong tannins, which means it has deep, hammy flavor like a blackberry and boysenberry.


It is made using the most planted grape in France. These grapes thrive in cooler climates and hold a great percentage of market share worldwide by about 5%. Compare to other red wines, it has a high amount of alcohol percentage of about 13%. Moreover, it lacks the tannin bite than other red wine. That is why; it has a soft fruit flavor like black cherry and plum. You can drink it with baked or frilled beef, and poultry.

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