Our 4 Favourite Architectural Features of Vegas Casinos, Gaming Resorts Architecture, Gambling Experience

Our 4 Favourite Architectural Features of Vegas Casino Resorts

Jan 13, 2020

Our 4 Favourite Architectural Features of Vegas Casino Resorts

Let’s be honest about it, the first adjective that springs to mind when musing on the architecture of the Las Vegas Strip is often “tacky”. And yet, that shouldn’t necessarily have entirely negative connotations. If neon signs are considered interesting enough for a museum, then that’s sufficient reason to celebrate them as feats of art. Moreover, some of the architecture is deemed to be sophisticated and tasteful, and one can never fault the planners of Vegas buildings for their ambition.

Indeed, much of the Strip is a wonder of architectural innovation, even if it isn’t to everyone’s tastes. Below we are going to look at four of our favourite features on the Strip. Gawdy, at times, but impressive nevertheless and worthy of praise.

The Bellagio Lake – The Bellagio

Everyone who goes to Vegas knows about the Fountains of Bellagio, and they are one of the top tourist attractions in Vegas. It’s remarkable how quickly they came to be seen as iconic. Despite being built in the mid-90s, the Bellagio and its architectural features have become ensconced firmly in Vegas iconography. As ever with Vegas, the idea was ‘borrowed’ from elsewhere, designed to replicate the town of Bellagio, on Lake Como, Italy. Still, the eight-acre lake and dancing fountains are impressive nevertheless.

The Forum Shops – Caesars Palace

A lot about Caesars is considered ostentatious thanks to the nature of its source material, but the sweeping stairs and passages that connect the cavernous structure of the Forum Shops is an incredible treat for the senses. Sure, the clash between retail stores and faux Roman statues might seem like a contrast too far, but somehow it just works. Be careful, though; it’s really easy to get lost inside the complex.

Favourite Architecture Features of Vegas Casino Resorts

Main Casino Floor – The Wynn

Much of modern Vegas’ successes in architecture can be put down to Steve Wynn, as his revamp of the Bellagio above set in motion a building spree of new luxury resorts. His namesake resort, The Wynn, is noted for its dazzling glass design on the outside, but it is inside where the visual treats exist, including on the casino floor.

The design of a casino is important; that goes for websites just as much as it does for luxury casino resorts. Wynn transitioned the casino floors from being confusing and cacophonous to calming and welcoming. And, there are no better examples than the beautifully-designed casino floor in the main Wynn resort.

The Eiffel Tower – Paris Las Vegas

The Paris Las Vegas doesn’t usually get the recognition of other resorts on The Strip. After all, its concept takes everything from the French capital. However, it is the ambitiousness of the resort that should be applauded, best summed up by a half-sized replica (coming in at 540-feet) of the Eiffel Tower.

The front façade of the resort is based on the Paris Opera House and La Louvre, and the attention to detail is incredible. Indeed, throughout the resort, you will find little homages to Paris. It’s branding and artistic-thievery in overdrive, but you can’t help but admire it.

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