Oakville Windows And Doors: Installer’s Contract

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Oakville Windows And Doors: What Should Be in Installer’s Contract

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22 Apr 2019

Making Sure Installation of Your Oakville Windows And Doors Is Successful

Spring is the best time to carry out Oakville windows and doors replacements. Many Oakville homeowners know this, and most of them replace their doors and windows at this time. However, not all homeowners get impressed by their projects. Do you know why? Well, disagreements which result in delay or termination of the project. To avoid these common misunderstandings between you and your contractor, it is essential to have an agreement of what is expected and put it on writing.

For the newbies who aren’t sure of the things that they should agree with their contractors, this guide will give you a better place to start. The most straightforward way to ensure you are on the same page with your contractor is to draft a custom replacement contract jointly. In your Oakville windows and doors contract, you should include the following aspects.

  1. Start Date.

The date your Oakville windows and doors are replaced should be contained in the installation contract to avoid any future confusion. While most installer’s try their best to reduce any disruptions during the installation process, it is important to be around during the work to know when the work exactly started.

  1. Scope of Work.

What is the amount of work to be done? This should be well stipulated in your contract. Make sure all the relevant details are well written in your contract. State the total number of windows Oakville to be replaced, the doors and if there will be the need for remedial repairs.

  1. Date of Project Completion.

Just as the date of work commencement is important, so does the date when the work is expected to be through. These two dates are essential and should be included in your Oakville windows and doors replacement contract. For smaller projects, the commencement date might be the same as the completion date. However, for big projects that take more than a day, the anticipated date of completion might be different and should be included in your contract.

  1. Penalty Clauses.

Sometimes your contractor may fail to meet the laid down terms and conditions in the contract. Therefore, there should be clear agreement on what penalties should be enforced in such cases. In most cases, penalties are in the form of deductions from the cost of the replacement project. It is important to agree with your contractor the form of penalty that is fair for both of you.

  1. Insurance Cover.

There is great negative financial implication for hiring a contractor who doesn’t have insurance. It is therefore essential to make sure the company you want to hire has insurance and know the extent of the cover.

A reputable windows Oakville company will have comprehensive liability insurance. That guarantees your project safety in case of any unexpected happenings.

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