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Must-Have 3D Rendering Tools For Architects

Oct 2, 2020

There is absolutely no question that 3D rendering is a key part of any architect’s arsenal and though the use of this technology they are able to offer so much more to their clients. Among many other benefits, using this tech, architects are able to give customers a virtual tour of their new project, which is essential in the design process.

Must-Have 3D rendering tools for architects

3D Rendering Tools For Architects

There are a number of options which architects have at their disposal in order to offer high quality 3D rendering to their clients, and these are the must-have tools for any architect.


SuperCheap3D Architectural Rendering is one of the best services on the web which will deliver high quality rendering designs at low prices, and high speed. This company offers a range of options for architects from 3D floor plans, 3D animations and 3D products such as fitting and furnishings. Those using the service simply need to send their files across with drawings and then the service will produce your render and return it back to you. A vital service for many architects.

Google SketchUp

There is little surprise that a tech giant like Google would have a top for 3D rendering and their product to use is SketchUp. The clear appeal of this is how simple it is to use and that has ensured that it is popular amongst budding architects and experienced architects alike. The product features an enormous library of images which can be used in the design mock up, and there is limitless options with regards to customizing your design.


Another great benefit of Google SketchUp is that it is compatible with V-Ray, the most commonly used rendering software on the market right now. The real charm of this software is that it is also compatible with many more rendering tools such as Rhino 3D, Nuke, Modo and Katana.

This software gives you the ability to add a wide range of textures to your design and to edit every piece of material throughout your render, to very fine details. This is used for rendering of interiors and exteriors and its ability to deliver high quality and crips images is one of the reasons why it is so widely used.


Lumion is all about speed and for those architects who are looking for speedy mock-ups and fast design changes, this is the tool that will deliver that. Lumion has these small features which help it to stand apart from the rest, touches such as being able to add weather conditions and pre-edited textures which ensure an easier process.

This software also features an enormous library of 3D models which are incredibly realistic, helping you to offer a high quality design which your clients will love. Many who review this product have mentioned the likeness to the game Sims, high praise for a piece of software as low cost and as rapid is this one is.

For 3D rendering, these are the key tools which architects depend on.

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