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Most Unique Buildings In Las Vegas, Nevada

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September 4, 2019

The Most Unique Buildings In Las Vegas And Why You Shouldn’t Miss Seeing Them

Most unique buildings in Las Vegas

Unique Las Vegas Buildings

Las Vegas is known for the different games it offers such as the many roulette variances such as double ball, card games such as blackjack, traditional slot machines, and video games of chance such as immortal romance. These games captivate players who enjoy an engaging and entertaining game of chance. While these games have made Las Vegas famous they are not the only reason to visit.

The many different games Las Vegas offers, it’s fine dining, and varied shows make it Vegas a unique vacation spot. What happens in Vegas may stay in Vegas but there are many things that stay there because they can only be seen in Las Vegas. One such thing is the unique architecture found around the city itself which has to be seen in person for full appreciation.

The Most Unique and Famous Buildings In Las Vegas

The city of Las Vegas is renowned as a city of bright lights, larger than life attractions, and once in a lifetime events. When out on the town do take some time to see these unique examples of Las Vegas architecture and design.

  • Little Church of the West: a simple redwood church in the old pioneer design seems an unusual fit for Las Vegas however, this little church has more to it than you might suspect. Built in 1942 it is the oldest building on the Vegas strip and has played host to numerous Hollywood weddings involving many famous actors and actresses.
  • The Bellagio: the fountains and tower at the Bellagio are one of the enduring images of Las Vegas itself. Inspired by Lake Como and the Italian countryside the Bellagio is home to two towers and it offers memorable outside showers and musical events.
  • The Luxor: among casinos the Luxor may be one of the most famous as its image is among one of the most recognizable trademarks of Las Vegas. With a large sphinx statue and a glass pyramid, the Luxor calls to mind the lands of ancient Egypt and the caisson overall continues this historically rich theme and design.
  • The Stratosphere Tower: the Stratosphere is the tallest freestanding tower in the USA at 1,149 feet tall. In addition to the tower, an attached hotel and casino offer you many opportunities to enjoy an extended visit. Also of note, the Stratosphere is currently undergoing expensive renovations and will be renamed to The STRAT Hotel, Casino and SkyPod.
  • The Venetian: one look at the Venetian will tell you where its 1.5 billion dollar construction cost went. Built in 1999 the Venetian as its name implies references the culture, art, and landmarks of the Italian city of Venice. Aside from its many games, the Venetian is also a central location for entertainment.
  • Fashion Show Shopping Mall: not all of Las Vegas’s most famous pieces of architecture are casino or hotel-related. The Fashion Show Shopping Mall, so named because it regularly hosts fashion shows, is also home to over 250 stores and restaurants. What makes it a unique piece of architecture is its sci-fi design which calls to mind a classic flying saucer due to its disc-shaped design.
  • Lou Ruvo Centre for Brain Health: finally, the striking cubic themed Lou Ruvo Centre for Brain Health is an interesting example of deconstructivist architecture philosophy. The building is a piece of art in its own right and serves important causes as the Lou Ruvo Centre also focuses on the treatment and prevention of several major mental health ailments.


As the above shows, Las Vegas is home to some of the country’s most unique and striking architecture. While these buildings may certainly be staying in Vegas your memories, pictures, and video definitely won’t nor will all the fun you had seeing them and enjoying all the other amenities the city offers.

The Luxor Las Vegas, Nevada, USA:
The Luxor Las Vegas Sphinx Nevada USA
photo © Joe Lekas

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