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An end to gray monotony – The World’s Most Colourful Towers

Hamburg, November, 2013 – High-rises don’t have to get lost in the gray concrete jungle: some are a real riot of colour, with vivid facades in scarlet, turquoise or canary yellow – or even combining all the colors of the rainbow. Facades such as these break the drabness of so many concrete tower blocks, and their creative designs stimulate the imagination. A list of the world’s most colorful high-rises has now been compiled by Emporis (, the international provider of building data.

15 Nov 2013

World’s Most Colourful Towers

Varyap Meridian
World's Most Colourful Towers
photograph © Atakan Esser

In the case of Colorium, probably the best-known building in Düsseldorf’s Medienhafen (“Media Harbor”), the name says it all: the building’s exceptional aluminum ribbon window facade, consisting of over 2,200 panels of glass, was screen-printed with 17 different geometric patterns of single or up to four colors. The top floor juts out well over the harbor basin and particularly catches the eye with its signal-red coloring and night-time illumination.

Broadcasting Tower
Broadcasting Tower - World's Most Colourful Towers
photo © Dibyendu Rout

The most colorful high-rises

Building Name / City / Country / Height / Architects / Year

Al Attar Tower / Dubai / UAE / 130 m / Al Turath Engineering Consultants / 1997

Broadcasting Tower / Leeds / Great Britain / 69 m / Feilden Clegg Bradley Architects LLP / 2009

Colorium / Düsseldorf / Germany / 62 m / Alsop & Störmer / 2001

F&F Tower / Panama City / Panama / 243 m / Pinzón Lozano & Asociados Arquitectos / 2011

First World Hotel / Genting / Malaysia / 140 m* / AIB Associates Architects Sdn Bhd / 2002

Herkules-Hochhaus / Cologne / Germany / 102 m / Peter Neufert / 1969

Hotel Porta Fira / L’ Hospitalet de Llobregat / Spain / 113 m / Toyo Ito & Associates, Architects; b720 Fermín Vázquez Arquitectos / 2010

Mercury City / Moscow / Russia / 339 m / Frank Williams & Partners; M.M.Posokhin; G.L. Sirota / 2013

Oficinas en el Parque / Monterrey / Mexico / 98 – 115 m / GDU / 1998

The Arlington / Charlotte / USA / 94 m / LS3P Associates / 2002

Torre Net / Padua / Italy / 80 m / LVL architettura S.r.l. / 2008

Varyap Meridian / Istanbul / Turkey / 100 m – 188 m / RMJM; Dome Partners / 2012

William Beaver House / New York City / USA / 159 m Tsao & McKown; Schuman, Lichtenstein, Claman & Efron / 2009

Source: *Estimate

Al Attar Tower
Al Attar Tower - World's Most Colourful Towers
photo © Axel Schmies

Broadcasting Tower
Broadcasting Tower - Worlds Most Colourful Towers
photo © Lieke Ongering

Colorium Worlds Most Colourful Towers
photo © Michiel van Dij

F&F Tower
F&F Tower - Worlds Most Colourful Towers
photo © catoledo

The positively idyllic-seeming First World Hotel in Genting, Malaysia, radiates joie-de-vivre, fun and – not least – rest and recuperation from humdrum routine from every inch of its luminous bright facade. It is hardly surprising, then, that the almost five-hectare First World Plaza in and around the hotel complex has a comprehensive range of entertainments on offer, including an amusement park, casino, theater stage and further attractions.

First World Hotel
First World Hotel - Worlds Most Colourful Towers
photo © Eqdoktor

Herkules-Hochhaus - Worlds Most Colourful Towers
photo © William Sen

Hotel Porta Fira
Hotel Porta Fira Building - World's Most Colourful Towers
photo © Jaume Castañé

Mercury City
Mercury City - World's Most Colourful Towers
photo © Igor Butyrskii

The shimmering copper-colored facade of Mercury City in Moscow, on the other hand, might not be able to compete with the fascinating play of colors at the First World Hotel, but, with its imposing and noble visual appearance, succeeds in demonstrating that a brilliant show is perfectly possible with just the one color. The skyscraper, which measures just under 339 meters, stands out on the skyline of the Russian capital and also impresses through its environmental friendliness and sustainability.

Oficinas en el Parque
Worlds Most Colourful Towers - Oficinas en el Parque
photo © Carlos Tomás Chávez Cámara

The Arlington
The Arlington Building
photo ©

Torre Net
Torre Net
photo © Marco Sarain

Varyap Meridian
Worlds Most Colourful Towers - Varyap Meridian
photo © Atakan Esser

Colorful buildings do not just provide a welcome change from uniform-appearance blocks: bright colors also have a positive effect on the mood and on the memory and reaction times of those looking at them, as researchers at the University of Essex in England have recently discovered. Particularly during the cold time of year, when the weather is often gray, radiant colors in a vibrant cityscape can indeed help to drive away the winter blues.

William Beaver House
William Beaver House
photo © Tectonic Photo

Additional images:

Al Attar Tower
Worlds Most Colourful Towers - Al Attar Tower
photo © Axel Schmies

Broadcasting Tower
Broadcasting Tower
photo © Dibyendu Rout

Hotel Porta Fira
Hotel Porta Fira Building
photo © David Guija

The Arlington
Worlds Most Colourful Towers - The Arlington
photo © Chris Patriarca

The Arlington
The Arlington
photo © Chris Patriarca

Torre Net
Worlds Most Colourful Towers - Torre Net
photo © Daniele Ceccato

William Beaver House
William Beaver House
photo © Nate Lindsey

William Beaver House
William Beaver House
photo © Nate Lindsey

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Worlds Most Colourful Towers - Ras Al Khaimah Tower
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