Most popular gambling cities from every continent guide, Betting architectural design, Best casino venues around the world

Most popular gambling cities from every continent guide

22 Dec 2022

Most popular gambling cities from every continent

Unique casinos from every continent

Across these pages there are numerous examples of architecturally stunning casinos from around the globe. But these are not just restricted to the world’s obvious gambling hubs. In fact, casinos exist on every continent, sometimes in places where you would least expect to find them. We have been on a world trip to seek out some truly unique examples.

The most popular gambling cities from every continent

Americas – Atka

Atka Island lies way out in the Bering Sea off the coast of Alaska, and is as remote as you can get according to the NY Times. The town of Atka is home to 32 households and one casino. Don’t expect the MGM Grand – the specialty is pull-tab gambling cards, and there are regular bingo nights. If you are lucky enough to win, we hope you like fish, as there is little else on which to spend your winnings.

Africa – Sun City

Plenty of places lay claim to being their own locale’s answer to Ls Vegas. None pull it off quite like Sun City. A beach with six foot waves 70 miles from the coast? Why not? The two casinos have all the games you could wish for, and an outdoor area means you don’t have to shut yourself away from the African sun.


Surely we mean every continent except Antarctica, right? Wrong. The Esperanza Research Base is home to a community approximately equal to the population of Atka. The only difference is the families tend to come and go on rotation. Aside from that, though, the casino serves a similar purpose, as one of the hubs at which this small and remote community can gravitate.

Australia – Coober Pedy

The self-styled opal capital of the world lies midway between Adelaide and Alice Springs on the Stuart Highway, and about nine hours’ drive from both. It is home to the Desert Cave Hotel and Casino. Entirely subterranean, you feel as if you have stepped into the villain’s lair on the set of a Bond movie. Australians love to gamble, and this particular casino is frequented by off-shift workers from the surrounding mines. The focus is on real money slots, so if you prefer table games, you’ll need to visit one of the Australian online casinos – the hotel’s WiFi is up to the task, even underground!

Asia – Pyongyang

Gambling laws in North Korea are so strict that residents are not even allowed to work in a casino. That provides some staffing challenges for the Casino Pyongyang. Or it would, if only it could employ a manager to worry about such things. Joking aside, this casino is surely the most bizarre of them all, staffed by and visited by wealthy Chinese only.

Europe – Venice

For true uniqueness, look no further than Casino di Venezia in Venice – see Venice Architecture News. It was once the only casino in the world! Opened in 1638, it created the mold by which all else followed, and it continues to be a popular venue for gambling almost 400 years on. Traditional table games like chemin de fer are popular, but there is a good choice of slots, too.

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