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Exploring the Most Expensive ZIP Code for Exceptional Architecture

April 21, 2023

Most expensive ZIP code for exceptional architecture

Priceless Perfection: Exploring the Most Expensive ZIP Code for Exceptional Architecture

If you are exploring houses with exceptional architectural designs, then you should first know the most expensive zip codes in the U.S. before actually visiting those places physically.

Holding over 70% of the most expensive zip codes, California remains in the top 6 among all the states. On the other hand, New York has the second-highest number of expensive zip codes. With that said, we have compiled a list of the 10 zip codes and relevant areas that have the highest median home values.

So, if you want to see even bigger swings in real estate prices, check out our full list of the top 10 zip codes and median prices for home sales in those areas.

Ten of America’s Most Expensive ZIP Codes for Exceptional Architecture

Before going any deeper, you can see the following table for a quick overview of the most expensive zip codes in the United States. Although the data is collected based on the 2021 calendar by the PropertyShark home experts, the zip codes rank the same even in 2023.

The zip codes are ranked based on the highest median values for home sales. You may find shocking trends in the real estate market after going through these 10 most expensive zip codes.

ZIP Code Country City State Median Home Price
94027 San Mateo County Atherton CA $7,475,000
02199 Suffolk County Boston MA $5,500,000
33410 Palm Beach County Palm Beach Gardens FL $7,625,000
94957 Marin County Ross CA $4,853,000
90210 Los Angeles County Beverly Hills CA $4,125,000
33109 Miami-Dade County Miami Beach FL $4,475,000
93108 Santa Barbara County Santa Barbara CA $4,103,000
98039 King County Medina WA $4,000,000
90402 Los Angeles County Santa Monica CA $4,058,000
11962 Suffolk County Sagaponack NY $7,500,000

1) Atherton, California (94027)

Median Home Price $7,475,000

Located in San Mateo County, this affluent town is known for its large estates, tree-lined streets, and overall exclusivity. The median home price in Atherton goes for somewhere around $6.5 million, which makes it one of the most expensive zip codes in America. Also, the new real estate market in Atherton has been steadily increasing over the past few years. Moreover, we can see an annual rise of 12% in home prices.

2) Boston, Massachusetts (02199)

Median Home Price $5,500,000

The zip code 02199 actually covers the Back Bay neighborhood of Boston. This neighborhood is popular for its well-known shopping centers, restaurants, and cultural institutes. The typical value of a home is around $5.5 million in this area. Although there has been a steady increase in home prices, we have recently noticed a 3% drop in the past year.

3) Palm Beach Gardens Florida (33410)

Median Home Price $7,625,000

Located in Palm Beach County, this city is reputed for its high-end golf courses and luxury shopping. With an estimated 6.1 million residents as of the 2019 census, Palm Beach Gardens is a significant city in the Miami metropolitan region. You may have to count on spending around $470,000 to purchase a home in this area, and it may increase up to 4 million in demanding location. Home prices have been steadily rising by approximately 5% each year.

4) Ross, California (94957)

Median Home Price $4,853,000

This small and affluent town in Marin County, California, is known for its beautiful scenery and large houses. Even if it is a small town, you may have to pay around $4.2 million to buy a decent house. Hence, it is another expensive zip code in the United States, with a steady rise in home prices of 9% annually.

5) Beverly Hills, California (90210)

Median Home Price $4,125,000

Beverly Hills is located in Los Angeles, California. People always recognize this city as a luxurious place, where rich and famous people own their homes. It is also known for its expensive shopping, restaurants, and celebrity residents. The median home price in Beverly Hills is rising steadily by around 7% each year. With that said, you are expected to pay around $4.2 million to purchase an average home.

6) Miami Beach, Florida (33109)

Median Home Price $4,475,000

Miami Beach is a popular spot among tourists. This place belongs to Miami-Dade County, Florida. It is best known for its beautiful beaches and lively nightlife. With a steady real estate market, home prices have been rising by around 4% each year. Currently, you can get a home in Miami Beach for around $4.1 million.

7) Santa Barbara, California (93108)

Median Home Price $4,103,000

Santa Barbara is on the shore of Santa Barbara County, California. The 93108 zip code particularly includes the wealthy neighborhoods of Montecito and Hope Ranch. Along with the estimated population of 91,000, people often come to Santa Barbara to see the Santa Yánez Mountains. With many luxurious Mediterranean-style homes, properties in this area are highly desirable. In 2021, the median home price was nearly $2.4 million, which represented a 22% increase from the previous year.

8) Medina, Washington (98039)

Median Home Price $4,000,000

Media is a small city in the eastern part of King County, Washington. Most of the properties in this city are residential, and they are pretty high-end. Well, it is obvious because some of the wealthiest individuals in the world live in Medina, including Bill Gates. A typical home is sold for around $4 million, which represents a 13% increase from the previous year. That is why nearly 3,000 people live in this area as of 2021.

9) Santa Monica, California (90402)

Median Home Price $4,058,000

Another coastal city located in Los Angeles, California, is Santa Monica. Basically, the area for the 90402 zip code is located in the northern part of Santa Monica. This is a wealthy neighborhood with plenty of luxury homes. In 2021, the median home price was around $3.3 million. It was a 19% increase from the previous year, and the real estate market is steadily growing. Only 92,000 people live in Santa Monica.

10) Sagaponack, New York (11962)

Median Home Price $7,500,000

Sagaponack is actually a village located in Suffolk County, New York. To be more specific, the 11962 zip code is on the eastern end of Long Island. Although it is a village, you will find multi-million dollar estates here. The area is also known for its beautiful seaside beaches. A median home in this village goes for around $7.5 million. In 2021, it was a huge increase of 25% over the previous year, 2020. Due to high prices, only 318 people live in Sagaponack.

Now that you are introduced to the 10 most expensive zip codes in the United States, you can visit those areas physically to find aesthetic and exceptional architecture. There are other expensive zip codes aside from the above 10. However, visiting those will be enough to satisfy your architectural thirst for real estate.

We bet you have also seen some unexpected examples if you are already familiar with America’s most expensive zip codes.

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