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The Most Beautiful Architectural Casinos in the World

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15 Mar 2019

Our world holds some of the most beautiful buildings designed and constructed the most beautiful minds in history. Some of the biggest buildings in the world are casinos and we take a look at which are the most beautiful architectural casinos in the world.

Most beautiful architectural casinos in world

Guide to Most Beautiful Architectural Casinos in World

Regardless of online casino gambling becoming a massive internet sensation, we can still appreciate the effort and thought process that went into creating the designs of these casinos. We aren’t saying online casinos such as NetBet haven’t been beautifully designed, they have in fact been designed by some of the best mastermind geniuses in the online industry, we are just saying there is nothing wrong with stopping, staring and admiring these million dollar constructions.

Bellagio Hotel and Casino Las Vegas

If there ever was a truly magnificent mammoth of a structure, it would be the Bellagio in Las Vegas Nevada. The giant building is complimented by a fantastic display of waterfalls and in the evening the night lights create a sophisticated ambiance. The building is truly a sight to behold and has even attracted celebrities from all around the world and left the passer-by gaping in awe. The luxury hotel was developed by Steve Wynn and offers over 3000 rooms and was sold in 2000 for $4.4 billion.

The Monte Carlo Casino Monaco

The Monte Carlo Casino is one of the most beautifully designed casinos in all of the world. The attention to detail is truly magnificent and a sight to admire.  In fact, the casino has brought in a number of foreigners touring the country.

The ancient history of the building dates back to as far as 1863 describing the creation and historic look of the pristine building. Today the Monte Carlo Casino is worth millions of dollars, however it isn’t up for sale.

Foxwoods Resort Casino Connecticut USA

This beautiful casino and hotel resort has history. Being owned and operated by a tribal nation, the building is a spectacular site to see. The two hotel towers, a total of 2266 rooms and a mall makes for a looming sight as the resort covers up to 9 000 000 square feet!

Sun City Casino Resort South Africa

Located in Southern Africa the Sun City Casino and Resort is home to the Palace, a majestic luxury hotel on the casino resorts premises. It is one of the biggest casinos in the southern hemisphere and is complimented by the African bush which is home to wild animals. The Palace is on display and the African theme can be found in every detail of the building. Elephants, rhino’s, lions and all the animals found in the Big Five have been featured in the design of both the casino and the hotel resort.

Some of the most astonishing buildings in the world are casinos and being able to house thousands of guests per night it is easy to see why and how come these buildings and resorts cost millions and even billions of dollars. No price is too steep for the beauty of architecture.

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