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6 Top Care Tips That Will Make Your Curtains Last Longer

1 Dec 2022

Make Your Curtains Last Longer
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Adding curtains is an excellent way to add character to just about any space in your home. Aside from their decorative aspects, curtains also provide you with privacy and increase or decrease the amount of light in a particular space.

However, many factors can make curtain fabric and other window coverings dirty, dusty and even smelly. Whether you opt for sheer curtains or the plantation shutters Melbourne homes are sporting these days, proper maintenance is key.

Simple Ways to Keep Your Curtains Beautiful

A lot of effort goes into choosing the perfect curtain type for each space in your home. Fabric, style and colour are only a few of the criteria you use to find the perfect set.

Regardless of the type of curtains you opt for, they all stop looking fresh after a while. What’s the best way to keep your them looking as beautiful as the day you bought them? Let’s find out!

1.     Limit Sunlight Exposure

It almost sounds counterproductive to limit the amount of sun your curtains get considering that one of their functions is to keep the sun out! However, the colours on your curtains fade from excessive exposure to sunlight.

That said, it’s a good idea to consider adding blinds or shades if your window faces the sun. The good news is that both blinds and shades are available in a wide variety of colours and styles, making it easy to find the right types to match your décor.

2.     Opt for the Right Length

While curtains that drag a little on the floor often suit the style of the room, it’s important to note that this makes the curtains pick up more dust and dirt. Ideally, long curtains should be just above the floor. For areas where you prefer the them to drag, ensure that the floor area is cleaned daily. And keep pets away from that section of the floor.

3.     Vacuuming is a Good Idea

Since your curtains are the barrier between your window and the room, they are exposed to dust and dirt flying in from the window. Our experts recommend vacuuming your curtains at least once a month. You can do this by using the vacuum cleaner’s soft brush attachment.

To avoid damage, vacuum gently and evenly across the surface of the curtain. That way they’re easier to clean when it’s time to wash them.

4.     Don’t Mix Curtains With Other Laundry

You should only wash curtains if the instruction label advises you to. Additionally, they should be washed in the recommended way to avoid being torn or damaged in the machine.

When washing, consider these added tips:

  • Be sure to wash them alone in the machine to avoid colour staining
  • For bigger types, wash them one at a time to ensure they get a thorough clean and rinse
  • Curtains that have pets lying against or under them will require more regular cleaning to remove hair, dander and pet odour
  • Remove any rings, hooks or embellishments
  • Use cold water unless the label specifies otherwise, as hot water may shrink the inner lining
  • Consider a deep cleaning for curtains that haven’t been washed in a while – it may be necessary to soak them in detergent for a few hours
  • Always use a mild detergent to avoid shrinkage
  • Dry as per the label – many can be air dried but be sure to place them away from direct sunlight
  • Curtains should rarely be placed in the tumble drier as this can damage them even if the fabric is quite durable
  • Iron if necessary and rehang immediately to avoid crinkling

5.     Consider Steam-Cleaning

If your curtains are heavy and difficult to remove, it’s always a good idea to steam-clean them as they hang. This method removes bacteria and odours that settle in the material.

Steam-cleaning is a popular choice for households with smokers, since the smell of smoke quickly seeps into them. It’s also a good idea for people with mobility issues who may not be able to get on and off of a ladder or chair to remove and rehang curtains.

6.     Always Read the Recommended Instructions

You might have been hanging and washing curtains for a long time, which makes you feel like a bit of an expert. Despite that, the curtains Melbourne residents have are often maintained in a completely wrong way – see And that means you’re shortening their lifespan.

Keep in mind that materials such as velvet, satin or organza might come with special cleaning instructions. Always follow the recommendations.

Make your curtains last longer Final Thought

Clean crisp curtains add a welcoming ambience to a home. The space instantly feels cleaner and more inviting when they are clean and fluffy. When you buy, opt for curtains that are easy to handle and easy to keep clean. That way you’ll always have a space that looks amazing, without too much effort!

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