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Why Does the Shower Curtain Move Toward the Water?

10 Jan 2022

A shower curtain is a heavy fabric with a weight at its bottom that keeps it hanging straight down. When the water comes in contact with the curtain, however, it can pull it toward itself as a result of gravity. As for why this is accomplished by some curtains and not others is because there are different materials used to make them.

Why does the shower curtain move toward the water?

Why Does the Shower Curtain Move Advice

In most cases, the shower head directs the spray downward so that gravity works against itself and keeps your curtain where you put it. In rare instances, though, especially if your shower head shoots out any significant amount of water or has great pressure, you might find that your shower curtain actually repels water away from itself! This means that even when spraying directly on the curtain –if done long enough- the water will actually flow off of it rather than soak into the fabric. It’s still wet after your shower, but not because of the curtain.

The reason some curtains are more likely to pull toward the spray is that they’re made with materials that absorb water easily, like cloth or thin plastic. These curtains will definitely get wet after you bathe and don’t repel water very well at all. A vinyl-coated polyester or nylon mesh is much less reactive to moisture so even if your head sprays directly on it, your curtain won’t be moving anywhere except straight down due to gravity alone.

Of course there are always exceptions to this rule; sometimes even plastic or vinyl can become soaked if sprayed long enough (or with enough pressure). For the most part, though, your curtain won’t budge.

So that’s why the shower curtain moves toward the water! Just know that if yours doesn’t move at all, there are several reasons for that as well.

To find out why this is, just read on to the next article in the series.

“Why Does My Curtain Not Move Toward The Water?”

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  • One of the most common problems with a shower curtain is that it may move closer to the water as the person takes a shower. This can be annoying for two reasons: moving towards the water causes splashing, and it makes it harder to keep the floor dry.
  • Most showers have an assembly above them attached to a pipe or other means of water drainage. This assembly is called a shower head.
  • Most shower heads have a weight attached to the bottom of them that pulls the assembly towards the shower pipe, but there are some that operate without weights.
  • As for why things move toward the water – it’s because of gravity and surface tension. The force you feel when you stand in the shower is actually surface tension.
  • Gravity pulls anything with mass, whether it’s a tiny speck of dust or a large piece of furniture. If something is attached to an object with greater mass (like your shower curtain) then gravity will pull on both objects. If you try to lift, for example, a chair and table, you’ll find that the table doesn’t want to separate from the chair, because it’s connected to the chair. It takes energy for an object with more mass (the chair) to move at all; it will always resist movement.
  • Water also has surface tension, which is why you can blow bubbles out of bubble solution and they stay together for a while. Soap has surface tension, which is why bubbles stay together.
  • So when you take a shower, the waterfalls toward the drain because gravity is pulling it down. This causes the water to pull on things that are connected to it with surface tension (like your shower curtain). So if you’ve ever wanted to know why your shower curtain moves toward the water – now you know!


Curtain moves toward water because of gravity and surface tension.

So there you have it! Those are just some common answers to the question “Why does my shower curtain move toward the water?” There are likely other reasons, but this covers most cases. And along with that, hopefully this has also answered your question about what’s happening when the water hits the shower head! Usually it’s nothing more than surface tension and gravity, but sometimes arty shower curtains can be a factor as well.

For those who want something a little fancier, arty shower curtains might just be your thing as they usually come as nicely designed art pieces for your bathroom. In fact arty shower curtains may even work great as decorative pieces for your private spaces if you have them for your arty bathroom. So those are just some suggestions to consider if you want a nice arty one at home. But whatever arty shower curtains you choose, be sure to pick something that fits your style and home decor best!

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