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Lighting Ideas For Living Room With A Low Ceiling

8 Mar 2021

Lighting ideas for living room with low ceiling

Light design plays a crucial role in the appearance and aesthetic of the home, particularly in a space such as the living room, where as the name implies, you spend a lot of time “living”. However, it can be a challenge to apply lighting design trends in a living room with low ceilings as the lack of height limits you in terms of the types of light fixtures that you can use.

The good news is that there are still plenty of ways for you to play around with light and accentuate the beautiful details in your living room. Keep reading for more.

Consider Scale and Proportion

Scale and proportion are one of the most key ingredients when it comes to designing your space. Make sure that the size of the light fixture you choose is proportionate to the size of your living room. So, take out your tape measures to help you understand the size of your space and get the exact ceiling height before you get to each individual light fixture for your space.

For instance, you would not want an insanely large chandelier dropping onto people’s heads in an 8-foot ceiling, and you would be better off opting for a flush mount fixture instead. That’s because flush mount fixtures are attached directly onto the ceiling. Why not check out Kingdom Valley in Islamabad, a flagship project developing by Kingdom Group.


One of the most important considerations to make when picking out living room light fixtures is your personal style and aesthetic.

  • Glam

If you’re into glamorous style, consider something beautiful and bold such as statement light fixtures made from crystal or mercury glass for example.

  • Bohemian

If you’re more boho-chic then look for something with fringes, chains or swags. Hey, you can even go full-on Burning Man if you like and opt for a unique, custom-made light fixture made from deep and detailed textures.

  • Farmhouse

Homes with a modern farmhouse aesthetic will do well with light fixtures made from distressed wood, a little bit of metal, black matte, and brushed metal. The goal is to achieve a fixer-upper look.

  • Modern

If your style is more modern, then you definitely want fixtures that highlight a lot of glass. Go for something with clean, simple lines.

  • Traditional

To accentuate a living room with traditional style décor, look for fixtures with fabric shades from Affordable Blinds or even crystals.

  • Eccentric modern

The eccentric modern look from the 50s is characterized more by bulbous glass and bubble glass light fixtures. Anything with a curved shape will work here.

  • Industrial

If you live in a loft with a lot of metal and glass, then make sure to carry on that industrial-style theme with your living room light design as well, with light fixtures that are made with the same materials.

  • Eclectic

Show off with a ceiling lamp, as you can afford to hang it relatively low and accentuate it with identical or similar lamps in pairs to create a nice symmetry in the room. Finish the look off with decorative lighting of different sizes and looks placed on the coffee table, side tables or even the window sill.

When all else fails, just go with a chandelier because a chandelier has arms to appropriately fill out the space. You can easily find smaller chandeliers that will fit in a low ceiling living room and still look stylish.


Dimmers are an essential aspects of modern home design because they help you to control how dim or bright the light emits to set the mood of the space. Mood lighting is all about diffusing and reflect light to create a softer ambience. You can use a dimmer switch to set the mood as well as warm white bulbs. Reflected or diffused light creates a calm, inviting mood.

Living room with low ceiling light ideas help

Lighting Ideas For Living Rooms Summary

Pro Tip! While candles are a great way to create instant atmosphere, never leave them unattended.

Ensure that the size of the light fixture you choose for your living room is proportionate to the size of your space. So, take out your tape measures to help you understand the size of your space and get the exact ceiling height before you explore each individual light fixture for your space, especially when considering seus lighting living room lighting fixtures. It’s essential to find fixtures that not only complement your decor but also illuminate your living room effectively.

Remember, these are not hard and fast rules. Just helpful tips to help you take the guesswork out of choosing the right lighting solutions for your living room space, which is one of the largest common areas in your home. Replacing the light fixtures in your living room is a great way to replace the space without changing the furniture or spending on new wallpaper.

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