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How to Choose LED Batten Light Fixtures Guide

7 July 2022

Batten lights are long, thin surface mounted lights found in many offices, factories, schools, shops & other commercial buildings. They are also popular in homes, especially as functional lights in garages & hallways.

Until a few years ago, batten lights would have used fluorescent bulbs, which are expensive to run, generate heat & require replacing regularly. On the other hand, LED batten lights offer a cheaper, longer-lasting alternative that can replace existing lights or be used on new buildings. The cost savings for commercial buildings, in particular, can be significant, and many states offer incentives, discounts, or rebates to encourage businesses and homeowners to switch to these more environmentally friendly lights.

How to choose LED batten light fixtures

How to Choose LED Batten Light Fixtures for Your Next Project

Read on to take a closer look at LED batten lights to help you decide if they are the right choice for your next new build or to retrofit an existing building.

Flexible & Easy to Install

LED batten lights come in various sizes (600mm and 1200mm are the most common sizes, as well as 2ft, 4ft, and 6ft options). They are also available with indoor/outdoor waterproofing ratings (IP ratings), sensors for automatic or emergency lighting, and different colour choices to suit different needs. The new tricolour variants allow people, often through a remote control, to switch between warm/bright and white light colour options.

It’s usually a simple process to replace existing fluorescent lights with LED versions, and new installations are relatively quick due to the simple design and the fact they are surface mounted. Most electricians have experience installing these types of lights.

Affordable & Long Lasting

It is a misconception that the LED versions are more expensive than traditional fluorescent lights. Whilst it’s true that the upfront cost of the LED bulb may be slightly higher, over the long-term, it will prove to be significantly cheaper.

This is because the energy use of an LED bulb is approximately 50% less, and they last much longer. An LED bulb should last around 50,000 hours; however, an older style bulb may only last 1000 hours. The newer LED bulbs used in batten lights often only use 10-20 watts; however, a fluorescent bulb would use between 20 and 40 watts.

Because they are longer-lasting, maintenance costs are reduced because bulbs don’t need to be replaced as often; this can provide large cost savings in commercial buildings where there are hundreds or even thousands of batten lights.

So, when people invest in these quality products, they can save on many critical things like money, time, physical effort, and patience. They can use the money they save for other essential home appliances such as water heaters, dispensers, HVAC systems, washing machines, etc.

Energy-efficient & Environmentally Friendly

A significant reason the global LED market is snowballing is that these variants are unimaginably cost-effective. Their ultra-low electricity consumption ensures optimal brightness in exchange for minimal energy use. Inevitably, users enjoy lower energy bills regularly, helping them save a considerably large amount of electricity and finances in the long run.

Furthermore, these lamps are environment-friendly, quickly becoming the first choice among nature-loving people everywhere. They do not generate excessive heat or glare, preventing discomfort and ensuring that there is no damage to the eyes.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Everyone has been in buildings where you turn on a fluorescent batten light, which flickers on and off for a few seconds. LED bulbs, on the other hand, don’t require any ‘warm up’ time, can be dimmed easily, and don’t degrade over time.

In the modern age, design and aesthetic appeal are as crucial as the fundamental functionality of a product. The scenario is much the same with lighting in homes and commercial complexes, with an increasing number of people choosing unique styles with exceptional features.

LED batten lights are increasingly being used in residential settings as a cheaper alternative. They are now available in various colours and styles, which are more attractive than the clunky old-style versions common in many older commercial buildings.

Where to Buy

Most lighting retailers have extensive ranges of LED batten lights and can advise on the best option for your situation. Some companies specialise in commercial lighting and can provide information on any local government rebates available in your area.

Whilst price is always important; it should not be the only factor you consider when choosing lights. It is worth spending a little more on lights that provide extended warranties, after-sales service, and spare parts. These lights may cost a little more up-front but will save you time and hassle in the long run. Look for a reputable brand and an experienced dealer who has experience selling and installing LED batten lights.

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