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Best types of lights for home decoration tips

17 Mar 2021

Everyone wants to have a beautiful house. A house does not look good because of its area coverage, but how it looks after its maintenance. Even a small house could appear to be the most beautiful one with the right lights and also a large house can completely look terrible with no lights.

We can make our house look 100 times better by using different types of lights. A good interior is generally based on the types of lighting used along with the furniture. Each light has a different purpose and is placed accordingly. It is very important to decide what kind of light is to be used in a particular place.

Best types of lights for home decoration

Best types of lights for home guide

Here is a list of all the lights that are used in decorating the home:-

  1. Pendant lights– a light that can be hung down from ceilings on a chain, cord, or a metal rod and can be mounted is said to be pendant lamps It can be in the form of a suspender or a drop that is generally used in multiples. These lights are mostly placed in the kitchen. For getting an obstructed view while standing and sitting, pendants are usually placed high.
  1. Wall washers– It is a form of light that is fixed in the ceilings of walls which comes uniformly from the wall from the top to bottom. The light gives a bright and clear appearance to the wall providing a diffuse and soft light effect. These lights can be chosen for highlighting the artwork or the centered features.
  1. Valance Lights- These lights are located in the glass valance, wood, or metals. They can be placed high on the wall or mounted above a window. The lights may move in an upward or a downward direction. The valance lights can also be placed on the back of the door. Or can be concealed under the cabinet matching with the door.
  1. Floor lamps– floor lamps also known as “tall standing lamps” come in different types of sizes and stand on the floors. Giving a traditional look, a floor lamp ensures to provide strong light in the room. It results in complementing the space of the room by refining its style. They are placed either behind the seating area or in the corner of a room. Light bulbs, LED bulbs or individual LEDs are placed inside the floor lamps.
  1. Chandeliers-Chandelier lights are hung from the ceilings featuring multiple lamps and candles placed in the branches. The rustic chandeliers are formed in the Edison-style from wrought iron and wood.
  2. Recessed lights– The recessed lights are placed inside a wall, ceiling, or another surface. It gives a ray of light that focuses in the same direction.
  1. Wall Sconces- Wall sconces are installed in the wall and can make a room look larger in size providing lumen and a lot of light. Its light can only point in an upward direction.


It is very important to choose the right lights for the house to make it look good. There are different types of lights. To avoid confusion. There is a list mentioned above, which can help make the right choice for the right purpose.

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