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Internal Doors to Match Your Interior Design

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10 Jul 2018

Internal doors to match your interior design tips

Internal Doors to Match Your Interior Design Guide

Internal Doors to Match Your Interior Design

The external doors of your home are an important part of its curb appeal and will be the first impression that visitors get or your style and personality. In the same way that the look of your external doors is influenced by design of your property, your internal doors should seamlessly match your interior design too. Nowadays, there are a wide range of internal door materials, finishes and colours to choose from ensuring that you find a door that will complement your interior design.

Wooden Doors

Wooden doors have been used in interiors for centuries and provide a classic finish that will ground your interior design through years of redecorations to come. For a traditional look, an oak or a pine door paired with cast iron accessories creates a rustic look – perfect to finish off a shabby chic look. If your home has a more contemporary look, then opt for a wooden door with large vertical panels to achieve a clean and modern look.

For a statement look, choose a door with a dark walnut finish. To complement the interior of a home that is neither truly rustic or contemporary looking, reclaimed barn doors are becoming a popular choice. These solid wood doors have an undeniable rustic charm and painted a matte white colour, they pair well with modern and classic interiors.

Glass Doors

For a more subtle transition between spaces, glass doors can be matched to a wide range of interiors. Doors with a glass panel will fit well within a space with a more traditional design, while doors made entirely of glass provide a clean and modern finish. Either type of glass door is ideal for bringing extra light into a room and optimising the flow of natural lighting in your home.

If you’re looking to achieve a more industrial feel with your interior design then a door made of glass panels set in a wooden frame will be the perfect finishing piece to any room. They’re also a great choice if you’re looking to divide a space without losing any natural light in the process.

Style, Colour, and Finish

In recent years, pockets doors and frameless doors have both become a popular trend as they offer a stylish finish, turning your door into a statement piece with a real wow-factor rather than just a functional necessity.

Matching your internal doors to your decor doesn’t always have to be literal. A bold door colour can be the feature of a room – adding a pop of colour and vibrancy, and tying together the colour scheme of your interiors.

It’s not just the base material of your doors and their colour and style that will help you match them to your interior decor; the overall finish of a door will also impact how it matches the style of a room.

Grooved patterns will also give your doors a modern edge and thanks to the variety of depths and shapes they are available in, you can customise the look to make it as soft or industrial as you require.

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