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Interesting NFL Stadium Innovations Guide

May 24, 2022

The National Football League offers its worldwide fanbase sublime footballing action that encourages more fans to attend games in person at the many towering venues that the league has to offer, with some stadiums now becoming state-of-the-art housings for some of the NFL’s most elite franchises.

There are a total of 30 stadiums in operation for all 32 NFL franchises with the NY Jets and Giants sharing MetLife Stadium and the LA Rams and Chargers also being the hosting teams at the newly built SoFi Stadium that hosted the magnificent 56th instalment of the Superbowl game.

Some stadiums are among the best destinations to visit for any sporting enthusiast, while there are others that remain in desperate need of renovations given how outdated their current venue is.

NFL Lucas Oil Stadium Indianapolis

These are the best NFL stadiums that have undergone recent innovations that always make up for an unforgettable gameday experience.

Interesting NFL Stadium Innovations – US Sports Arena List

  • US Bank Stadium – Minnesota Vikings:

While the city of Minneapolis may not be a clamoring destination for most tourists or sporting fanatics, the NFL franchise now offers fans one of the most esteemed and awe-inspiring venues to catch a game.

After the infamous roof collapse of the Metrodome back in 2010, it became fairly obvious that the Vikings were in desperate need of a new home, and in July of 2016, they were rewarded with what can best described as a stadium for the ages.

The exterior itself is a marvel of glass fitted windows and a rising peak that towers over the Minneapolis skyline.

The atmosphere inside the venue is also a sight for the ages as it has now dawned the famous ‘Skol’ chant from the Vikings faithful who remain as one of the league’s most passionate fanbases as over 65,000 fans will stand on their feed chanting ‘Skol’ making for a raucous gameday experience.

(A Tour of the U.S. Bank Stadium)

  • SoFi Stadium – LA Rams & LA Chargers:

Hot off the heels of hosting a historic Superbowl 56 weekend, SoFi stadium is one of the NBA’s newest venues and is a true spectacle within the city of Angels.

SoFi stadium is one of the most spectacular stadiums on the planet at this current juncture with a marvelous Oculus jumbotron screen spanning across the entire venue, which is arguably the most miraculous feature available.

The stadium also houses both the LA Chargers and the reigning Superbowl World Champions LA Rams that automatically makes for tremendous viewing for any neutral sporting fans, with the Rams look to remain as perennial contenders next season in the latest NFL betting odds.

  • Mercedes-Benz Stadium – Atlanta Falcons:

Falcons fans may still be depressed following on from their infamous Superbowl 51 collapse against the Patriots, yet they still bolster one of the NFL’s most impeccable stadiums capped off with a few minor innovations throughout recent years.

With a retractable roof and field as well as seating over 65,000 fans on a gameday, this is a must-have venue to visit for an fans or eager tourists in and around the state of Georgia.

The exterior is among one of the league’s most impressive looks as well as featuring numerous traditions from Falcons fans including the march that most passionate Falcons fans will participate ahead of kick off.

  • Allegiant Stadium – Las Vegas Raiders:

The NBA’s latest relocated franchise is the historic Oakland Raiders organization which has, once again, pack up and left California for the neon lights of the Sin City strip where they would be met with a fantastic new stadium.

While the Raiders may not be considered as major contenders for the Vince Lombardi trophy, there are still plenty of reasons for fans to attend a game at Allegiant Stadium, with one of the main reasons being the stadiums unique exterior of the Raiders black and silver colors and the massive 3D printed torch that looks out upon the Vegas skyline.

The torch is a 3D replica to the Al Davis Memorial torch that is always set ablaze ahead of a Raiders game, with this being the largest 3D printed object in the world and as such giving tourists another great reason to head out to Las Vegas.

Interesting NFL stadium innovations

  • AT&T Stadium – Dallas Cowboys:

The Cowboys are not only the NFL’s most famous football club, but also the most valuable sports franchise on the planet and that certainly reflects in their hosting venue.

With around 80,000 fans usually in attendance, AT&T stadium is the league’s biggest venue and is always found on any fans bucket lists of stadiums that they must visit.

This stadium is often a shining inspiration for almost every other stadiums in the league as every NFL team owner is searching to replicate the gameday experience present at ‘Jerry’s World’.

However, there have hardly been any suitors to take the spot that AT&T holds as the best stadium in the league, even if the Cowboys remain as one of the leagues most inconsistent teams, making this the perennial destination for any football team to play out of.

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