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Instantaneous Gas Hot Water Systems

19 Mar 2021

Pros and Cons of Instantaneous Gas Hot Water Systems

Water heaters are a huge aspect of our lives that we tend to overlook. Statistically, water heating systems account for about 20-25% of our household energy bill- Investing in the right water system could save you a lot! Instantaneous gas water heaters can help you make significant cutbacks on more than just one bill; however, there is so much more to consider if you’re looking to upgrade or replace your hot water system altogether. Here is why you should consider making the switch to instant gas water heaters.

Instantaneous Gas Hot Water Systems

Instantaneous Gas Hot Water Systems Benefits

  1. Energy saving

Characteristically, instantaneous gas water heaters are tankless- this means they do not store hot water. Water is only heated when you need to use it; thus, it is cheaper than storing hot water in storage tanks.

  1. Durability

Instant gas water heaters have a long lifespan of up to 20 years, guaranteeing you a superior service, unlike conventional storage water heaters. In addition to their life expectancy, instantaneous water heaters have a minimised maintenance expense since they are immune to corrosion and leakage.

  1. Greener

The energy-efficient aspect of instant gas water heaters makes them more environmentally-friendly. Gas hot water rakes up a 7-star rating in energy efficiency as they make significant energy savings and lessen greenhouse emissions.

  1. Save on water

Gas water heaters help you cut back on household water wastage. Placing your tankless gas water heater closer to other water-using areas in your home translates into less water wastage since you won’t have to wait on hot water to reach the tap.

  1. Economical

Although the upfront cost of tankless water heaters may scare you away, the investment is feasible in the long run. Natural gas, for instance, is way more affordable than electricity. Maintenance and durability of instantaneous water heaters, on the other hand, saves you about four water heating system replacements. You’ll get to enjoy your long hot baths and still save a buck!

  1. Range of power options

Tankless gas water heaters are flexible, providing you with a variety of powering options. There is a range of instantaneous gas water heater brands that create LPG, electrical and natural gas models to fit your needs. Some gas water systems also have a great synergy with solar water heaters; your options are limitless!

  1. Versatile

Instantaneous gas water heater designs are compact; this gives you freedom when it comes to installation. The versatility of tankless gas water heaters allows outdoor and indoor installation and compatible fixing in various spaces (work, home).

Detriments of Instant Gas Hot Water Systems

As much as the benefits outweigh the drawbacks of instantaneous gas hot water systems, one wouldn’t want to be blindsided by the cost and efficiency factors. Finding a faultless hot water system is nearly impossible, although some gas hot water problems are easier to live with. Instantaneous gas hot water systems are no different; although they come with many advantages, they do have their shortfalls. These are some of the problems you may encounter:

  • On average, tankless gas water heaters’ upfront cost is about 3-4 times more than that of conventional storage tanks.
  • Instantaneous gas water systems inability to store hot water means lack of a backup- in case of a gas or electrical interruption, your household would have to operate without hot water.
  • Instantaneous gas hot water systems with electric ignition, however economical, cannot function during a blackout.
  • Tankless gas water heaters are notorious for inconsistent temperatures, especially when hot water demand is at its peak.
  • In comparison to heat pumps, instant gas water heaters are more expensive.

There is a wide variety of water-heating systems in the current market, making it hard to cut through the noise when making your selection. Typically, every water heater has its outstanding benefits that top the others. Whichever the case, it is advisable to understand your household needs before settling on the water heating system. Buying a water heating system should be a long-term investment. Therefore, take your time and research the options available to you and their functionality.

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