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Importance of Healthy Environment in Buildings Advice

10 Jan 2021

importance of healthy environment in buildings

Did you know that an average American spends about 90% of their lives indoors? If you think about it, we often use our time inside a building like our houses, school, workplace, and the like. You may expect that just because we are always within a building’s confinement, the air is automatically cleaner than the outside. Well, that’s a major misconception right there because it is quite the opposite.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the air in your home is two to five times more contaminated and can sometimes reach up to a hundred times the toxicity level. That’s why, for someone that is often indoors, ensuring a healthy environment should be a priority for the design of a building.

Elements that Promote Healthy Work Environment

Before we get to the significance of a healthy environment in a building, let’s first discuss the things that contribute to a healthy workplace. There are several reasons why there’s a deficiency in productivity, and one of those things is having an unhealthy work environment (which is often overlooked). A healthy workplace produces workers that are less absent, and therefore, save the company’s substantial costs.

Today, we will talk about the two major factors that will help you on your way to having a healthy work environment!

Importance of Healthy Environment in Buildings Guide

1. Proper Ventilation

It was said earlier that indoor air could be dirtier than outdoor’s. If you are unsure about a building’s condition, it would be appropriate to conduct an air assessment first. A building with a good HVAC system will help promote indoor air quality and eliminate air pollutants such as smoke from burning fuels (candles, cooking stoves, cars), cleaning chemicals, mold, and a lot more. Cleaner air will enhance a person’s heart rate and energy levels, and a well-maintained HVAC system can easily provide this for you.

2. Natural Lighting

Of course, a healthy environment is a well-lit environment! Maximizing natural lighting will not only save energy, but it will also help regulate a person’s circadian rhythm. An example of this is utilizing blue-enriched white light to improve your alertness, eye comfort and help you sleep better at night.

Reasons Why a Healthy Environment Is Essential In Buildings

healthy environment in buildings guide

1. Enhanced Productivity Level

The impact of having a place with the right airflow and a better light system highly increases an occupant’s productivity level. If you’re a student or a worker who resides in a building with a good and well-designed environment, you’ll find that you can work and manage your time more efficiently. You can also do more complex work with improved mood levels when working in a comfortable environment.

2. Mental and Physical Health Gains

When you lodge somewhere with a safe environment, you will notice mental health improvements such as enhanced concentration, confidence, and motivation. It is beneficial for your physical health as well as minimizes the risk of cancer and illnesses brought by exposure to harmful chemicals. All of these combined will enable you to work or study better.

3. Improves Comfortability

There is something called “sick building syndrome” that happens when the occupants get sick and experience discomfort due to spending time in a poorly designed building. To avoid this situation, you should always consider the state of the facility you’re planning to go into. An infrastructure with a healthy environment will provide comfort to its occupants to promote relaxation and work effectiveness.

Unfortunately, buildings and their construction alone contribute greatly to climate change. It causes carbon footprints and greenhouse gas emissions–stuff that destroys our environment. However, the concept of green architecture is becoming quite popular, where it maximizes how a building uses its energy, materials, and water while being eco-friendly.

Nowadays, architects and interior designers use this concept when designing a building. It is high time that we should be mindful of things that matter to our environment as they sustain our lives and our economy.

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