Independent vs. professional maid cleaning services

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Independent vs. Professional Maid Cleaning Services

21 Jun 2021

Independent vs. professional maid cleaning services

With life being so busy and with our jobs and family taking more of our time, many people don’t wish to use their free time to clean their homes. Thankfully, there are cleaning services that you can call on. You can hire them on a daily, weekly, monthly or as-needed basis. There are two general types of maid cleaners: independent maid cleaners as well as professional maid cleaning services.

Both options are viable, but you may want to choose one over the other depending on the situation. It is good to know what benefits one option would have over the other. Here are some points to consider when deciding whether to go with independent cleaners or a professional maid cleaning service.

Number of Cleaners

There are people who prefer to have the same maid cleaner coming to their home regularly. They would rather establish a long-term relationship with the person before they can entrust their home to them. However, in cases like these, the cleaner will likely require multiple visits to fully clean your home, especially if your home is larger.

Professional maid cleaners can do the job, as several of them can come to your home. These cleaners work very quickly, and they can fully clean your house in just a few hours.


When you only rely on one regular cleaner, their absence can be stressful if you cannot immediately get a replacement. With a professional maid cleaner service, you won’t notice the absence of a cleaner, as a backup is assigned and the cleaners go to your home as a crew. Why not use a Professional Maid Cleaning Service.


It is a given that independent cleaners charge less than professional cleaners. Those with average-sized houses normally choose an independent cleaner. Professional cleaners charge more because they need to cover their operating expenses as a company..

Vetting of Cleaners

If you decide to use an independent cleaner, you will need to do background checks and vetting. On the other hand, professional maid cleaning companies do all the background checks on their cleaners, as well as conduct hours of training before their cleaners are allowed to work with clients. If you have no time to vet an individual cleaner, it is best to first go with the professional companies.

Flexible Services

You can ask an independent cleaner to clean out your refrigerator or feed the dogs, even if it is not a standard task in other homes. A professional maid cleaning company would normally have a checklist of items they clean, depending on what service you get. For example, you can see a typical list of general cleaning services by The Florida Maids.


Professional maid cleaning companies are often licensed, bonded, and insured. Insurance covers for any injuries their cleaners suffer in the line of work at your house. Likewise, insurance covers your house for possible damages caused by the cleaners. With an independent maid cleaner, you bear the cost of house damages, and you may even have to pay for any injuries suffered by your cleaner at your home.

Both types of cleaners have their pros and cons. If you are not too fastidious and can let some things slide, an independent cleaner will likely do. However, for important occasions where your house needs to look its best, you may want to go with a professional cleaning company so you can demand a full and thorough cleaning service.

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