How to write a professional CV guide

How to write a professional CV, Professional curriculum vitae advice, Resume writing plan tips

How to write a professional CV

3 Oct 2022

The writing of a professional curriculum vitae requires some modalities in order to impact the receiving sector of activity. Indeed, the professional curriculum vitae is a document whose writing deserves some concepts in order to achieve a specific goal. For this reason, it is one of the most important information documents for applying for a job. This article explains how to write a professional CV.

How to write a professional CV guide

Reading the call for tenders

Generally speaking, the curriculum vitae is an informative document that gives the company or business more information about the applicant’s abilities. To this end, in order to perfect his CV, the candidate must first of all properly familiarize himself with the call for tenders that has been sent to him based on the sample resume. In this way, no information is missing in the drafting of his professional curriculum vitae.

By analogy, a call for tender represents the candidate’s corporate memory or the company that needs someone. Thus, all possible information about the company or business is mentioned in the document in order to prevent people who are not qualified to approach it. For this reason, the candidate should take the liberty of going through the tender or even the information that stipulates a professional search notice from top to bottom.

However, the candidate will be able to get an idea of the kind of person the company is looking for. When the profile that the company is looking for corresponds to his or her own, the candidate now puts himself or herself in the position of gathering the required diplomas and experience

Putting together the diplomas and experience required

Many people under the effect of stress generally forget that the collection of diplomas and experience is a second step after the appropriation of the call for tender.

Normally, it is the call for tenders that guides the candidate on the academic degrees and professional experiences to be notified in the curriculum vitae in order to apply. Otherwise, the curriculum vitae will not be consistent and will not even reflect the profile of the candidate being sought and will be rejected for employment. That is to say that companies faced with a professional curriculum vitae have ordered and banal proceed to the dismissal of the candidate’s file.

Thus, the collection of academic diplomas and professional experience are of great importance in order to make a good draft. This is important because not all diplomas and experience will be required to apply for the job. Or, there may be times when the applicant will have to go in search of other degrees and certificates that are not yet at their level.

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Develop a proper writing plan

The professional world demands quality in the writing of a professional curriculum vitae. In fact, to be successful in writing a professional résumé, the candidate must develop a writing plan before starting. It is likely to take a single sheet of paper and first write down the outline of a resume. For your information, the outline of a curriculum vitae is: personal information, work experience, academic qualifications and if possible language information.

This will make it easier for the candidate to complete his or her task. This is because he/she is obliged to put all the information in one line in order before moving on to another. For example, if we take the personal information line, the candidate should mention his identity, his area of origin and his contacts. As the candidate progresses, he/she should take the precaution of mentioning the information in each line in its proper place in a simple and appropriate style before moving on to the actual writing.

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