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Why Do Construction Workers Wear Hard Hats?

23 Sep 2021

In construction sites, you may have seen that the majority of workers wear hard hats. But why do construction workers use these? Have you ever wondered about this? Well, before providing answers to the question, let me clear what Construction Hard Hats are. Hard hats are sorts of helmets prominently used in working areas such as building or industrial sites that safeguard the head from potential construction site accidents that may lead to severe injury due to falling rigid objects, debris, or electric shock.

Now let’s talk about the impetus of wearing Construction Hard Hats. Hard heats are usually made from durable materials, especially metal, bakelite composite & fiberglass, to shield the wearers’ heads from impacts. Some workers wear these types of helmets to protect themselves from the heat of the sun too. However, to get more reasons behind wearing hard helmets, you can read the rest of the content below. Construction workers also require to complete OSHA 30 for their safety requirements on the construction site.

Why Do Construction Workers Wear Hard Hats Guide

Why do construction workers wear hard hats?

There are several reasons behind wearing hard hats while working on construction sites. We have listed some considerations below that may help you know why construction workers use hard hats & why it is crucial.

  1. Shield Workers from Smashing Their Heads
  2. Protect from Falling Substance
  3. Safeguard Against Electric Shock
  4. Keep Rain Apart from Workers’ Face
  5. Protect Heads and Face from Debris
  6. Protect from the Heat of the Sun
  7. Prevent Head Injury In Case of a Fall
  8. Hard Hats Are Mandatory Per OSHA Regulations

1. Shield Workers From Smashing Their Heads

This is the primary reason behind wearing hard hats on construction sites. Sometimes workers work on the ceiling & that time, due to distractions or misjudging the distance to an object above; their head can get injured as a result of a collision with pipe, refinery settings, joists, or something else. In that case, only a hard hat can protect them.

2. Protect from Falling Substance

As we already mentioned earlier, hard hats are made from durable materials with a suspension system that can absorb the impact. Thus, it can protect the wearers’ heads from falling substances while working on a construction site. Usually, steel poles, wooden beams, or other rigid items fall from above in industrial or construction sites that may hurt their head. To keep themselves safe from these falling contraptions, wearing a hat is essential.

3. Safeguard Against Electric Shock

This is another important reason, for that hard hats are worn by workers on building sites. There are different types of hard hats, such as Claas E, Class G, & Class C, when it comes to electric obstruction or resistance.

Class C is against electrical resistance, where Class G can alleviate the danger against disclosure to low voltage electric anodes. Explicitly, the impact resistance from up to 2200 volts can be provided by Class G hard hats.

On the contrary, Class E hard hats can resist up to 20000 volts of electricity. So, relying on the job, there are alternatives for less or more electric resistance. Occupational Safety & Health Administration suggests using a helmet made to decrease electric shock while working in places with a potential for electric shock.

4. Keep Rain Apart from Workers’ Face

There are a significant number of workers who use hard hats while working outdoors. Many hard hats are designed with a visor in the front to keep the rain out of construction workers’ faces while they’re involved in their job. It is not a safety feature, but it helps workers make their tasks easier during the rain.

5. Protect Heads and Face from Debris

Hard hats are designed by keeping all kinds of danger in mind that could injure workers’ heads. As we know, debris that falls from the construction sites is treacherous and can harm workers’ faces or heads. To keep themselves safeguards from any kind of debris, they wear hard hats. Besides that, by using hats, they can protect their head from flying nails, wood pellets, or other kinds of elements that exist at construction sites.

6. Protect Head from the Heat of the Sun

It is challenging to work outside on a sunny day. The UV rays that come from the sun may harm workers’ heads, and it causes horrible sunburns. In that case, wearing hats can prevent their heads from the sun’s heat. Indeed, the sun provides Vitamin D, but extreme sunburns can cause serious damage to screen leads developing skin cancer.

7. Prevent Head Injury In Case of a Fall

Working on construction sites is always risky & none can deny the fact. Especially the workers who work on roofs or install thai or aluminum glass on the above floors of buildings have a high chance of falling accidentally. In case of a fall, their head may be injured if they don’t wear hard hats. That’s why workers always get worn helmets which keep a worker’s head secure even in a severe injury.

8. Hard Hats Are Mandatory Per OSHA Regulations

We have pointed out some of the crucial reasons workers wear hard hats while working on construction sites. Hats indeed protect heads from severe injury, debris, sunburns, electric shocks, and so on. But do you know, they are compulsory per OSHA regulations?

It has been stated by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) that “Employees Who Are Working in Places That Have a Chance of Head Injury Must Use Protective Helmets”. Before inventing hard hats, workers would cover their heads with tar that can protect them in case of any accidents.

Things That You Should Consider While Selecting The Best Hard Hat

Construction workers hard hats help guide

Few things should be taken into your consideration while purchasing a hard hat helmet.

  1. Contemplate the Job & Work Environment
  2. Comprehend What Types of Hard Hats You Need From Class E [Electric Resistance], Class G [Natural], Class C [Conductive]
  3. Notice What Material Have Been Used On It
  4. Check the Suspension Mechanism
  5. Inspect Whether It Is Flexible or Not
  6. Select Hard Hat With Terry Cloth That Absorbs Sweat

Why do construction workers wear hard hats – Final Thought

Hard hats are vital pieces of personal protective equipment for a wide range of staffing. Manufacturers have focused on improving the hard hat’s comfort & protection to motivate hard hat use and moderate the burden and tenderness of wearing one.

But, still, many workers get head injury due to a proper lack of PPE wear, especially when workers become conceited. Workers should be more careful about their lives and need to wear hats if there is any chance of getting a head injury or other facts mentioned in the entire context.

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