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How to Look after your Garden During COVID-19 Isolation

1 Apr 2020

How to look after your garden during COVID-19

How to look after your Garden in COVID-19 times

During this time of isolation and social distancing you have the perfect opportunity to care for your garden, relieve your boredom, and do something that makes you feel useful and productive.

Looking after your garden means different things to different people. We are going to discuss basic garden care, some of which we learned by visiting Konservatory lawn care guide.

The majority of people wish their garden areas were in better condition. With work, school, and family obligations the time we have to devote to our gardens is extremely limited. You may not even be sure of where you should start in your garden to get it back into top shape.

Assess your Garden

The first thing you have to do before revitalizing your garden is to assess the area. You want to take note of the shrubbery, the lawn cover, the flower beds, and even the bird feeders, paving stones, and decorative elements.

Make a list of the things you see that need to be:

  • Cleaned
  • Trimmed
  • Replaced
  • Fed

Once you have a good idea of what the garden needs you can begin to renovate and revitalize this space.


Before your garden can look its best you need to trim the shrubs in the area. You want to maintain the new growth and height of the garden and surrounding areas.

When you are determining the exact height the shrubbery should be consider the following:

  • The type of shrub it is and the normal height of that particular plant
  • Shrubs that are closer to the front of a garden should be shorter than the ones that are standing farther back
  • Does the height of the shrub create difficulties is seeing other garden elements

Your shrubs are accent pieces that bring a lot of detail to your area. You do not want them to block a window of the house, or to look unkempt. When you are trimming your shrubs, it is advised to cut small amounts at a time, and then for you to back away from the shrub and observe it so that you do not trim too much of the plant away.

You can also tie ribbons, or a similar item at a point of the bush that you believe will be your stopping point. Tie or place your markers on each side of the bush so you create a uniform look.


The next thing that you should do when you are getting your garden whipped into shape is pull the weeds. In your flower beds, and around your decorative items, and around your bushes you will find some volunteer plants that simply need to go. Weeds use some of the vital nutrients in your garden and that means less nutrients for the plants you want to showcase.

When weeding close to flower beds or plants you want to keep it is best to simply pull the weeds by hand. Chemical weed killers will also kill the plants you like. If you use a trimmer then you take a risk of damaging plants you like. Old fashioned weed pulling is the safest method of removal when the weed is close to your preferred items.

Check the Flower Beds

There is a good chance that your flowering plants are annuals that need to be replanted each year. You will want to turn the soil in the bed and add some fertilizer so the soil has plenty of nutrients to feed the new plants you are about to put in it.

Choose your color varieties and plant sizes so that you create a unique bed of blooms that have contrasting colors and so the tall flowers do not dwarf the shorter ones.

Your Paths and Décor

If you have stone pavers laid out in a path there is a good chance that those pavers need to be cleaned thoroughly. Pay attention to any paver that might be broken or damaged. You will need to run an edger down the sides of the pavers or path to showcase your path.

Your bird baths and decorative items also need you to clean them and bring them back to the vitality they had when they were first placed in the garden. You want to scrub away any discoloration that the weather has caused, and if the decoration has started to break you might consider repairing it or replacing it.

How to manage your Garden Final Thoughts

To make your lawn beautiful you also need to fertilize the grasses, trees, and shrubs so they have plenty of nutrients. Cut the grass, but do not cut it too short or you can damage it.

If you are interested in learning more about caring for your lawn and garden, visit While you have this time on your hands, take the time to make your garden spectacular. Stay safe.

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