How to hang a frameless mirror on a wall?

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How to Hang a Frameless Mirror on a Wall?

3 Sep 2019

How to Hang a Frameless Mirror on a Wall Tips

Moving from one house to another comes with many challenges, and whether big or small, you will have to deal with them. However, the entire moving process has been made easier by removals in Bicester, a reliable company in the UK, so you can relax and deal with other small challenges such as hanging a frameless mirror in your new home you’ve just moved in.

While the everyone will tell you the frameless mirror looks best only on the bathroom wall, but you can simply hang a wall mirror in other parts of your house too, and watch the entire look of your room change. A frameless wall mirror is good on any type of permanent house decor. As such, you can hang it on as many places in your house as you want, provided you don’t go overboard with it. Always consider the size of the mirror you prefer

Now, the act of hanging a full length wall mirror that is framed involves the same procedure one follows for picture frames. Frameless mirror requires a different sort of technique. If you’re about to custom order your new round wall mirror- or maybe you’re simply going for a large wall mirror- it’s time you’re prepared with the knowledge on how to hang a frameless mirror on a wall. Liven up your home interior with Wallpics Photo Tiles.

Now a days, hang a frameless mirror on a wall is too much popular interior work. There are many ways to make this job. However to do this perfectly, it is important to know the different types of walls and uses essential tools. Here we discussed the most effective and simple method for you.

Hang a Frameless Mirror on a Wall help guide

Step 1: Identify and Mark the Exact Spot

You must have specific areas around your house where you think the mirror would look best. The first step would be to identify those exact spots. Take the mirror out and hold it up against the wall in the position you want it to adorn. Grab a pencil or a marker and take note of the bottom and top corners of the mirror. You can now place the mirror back in its place.

It would be easier to go through this step if you have someone to help you on the side. You can either hold the mirror and ask the person to do the marking or vice versa.

If the frameless mirror you have is small, use clips. If the mirrors are large, use Z-clips which can hold lots of weight.

How to Hang a Frameless Mirror on a Wall

Step 2: Make Sure It’s Straight

The next process would be to make sure you actually hang the mirror straight. To get the exact measurements, grab a spirit level and place it against the marking of the top and bottom corner. Do you know how to use a spirit level? It’s pretty simple. The bubble in the tube should go equally between the black lines. If it’s off, you need to adjust the level until the bubble realigns at the center.

How to Hang a Frameless Mirror on a Wall

Step 3. Check The Wall to See If It’s Flat or Not

Or that is, check whether the wall is flat or not. If the wall where you’re going to place the mirror is bumpy in some spots, trying to clip a mirror against it securely can actually cause the wall to crack.

How to Hang a Frameless Mirror on a Wall

How to locate a random bump on an otherwise flat wall you might ask? Grab a straight-edged board, preferably something that is longer than the mirror. It’s best if you have a yardstick, otherwise, you can go for lumber of about one inch you know it straight.

Slide it over the wall and if it spots the bump, you will get an immediate response. Mark the bumpy spots with a pencil. You can either hang the mirror on another part of the wall or sand it down. You can go for the power sander method, which would be the quickest. You can sand by wrapping sandpaper around a wooden block too.

Step 4: Mark The Edges of the Studs

Usually, pretty much behind every interior wall in people’s homes, workers place studs. These are a kind of evenly spaced wooden beams that help support the wall. You can locate the studs without any extra effort by sliding an automatic stud finder across the wall. Use a pencil to mark the edges of the stud around the outer area.

How to Hang a Frameless Mirror on a Wall

Of course, it leaves the question of what to do if you do not have a stud finder. Well, there is another just as effective but time-consuming method. In this case, you can get an exact idea of the stud by tapping the wall on where you want to hand the mirror. If the taps sound solid, that is a very clear hitting against the brick sound, there isn’t a stud there. If it sounds hollow, like there’s air there, the stud is located in the exact area.

Take a step back and check where it leaves the mirror to be positioned once you find the studs. If the mirror is positioned in a way that it actually covers the stud with its body, you need to shift it. The goal is to find an area where the clip and stud can be screwed together.

Step 5: Start Drilling Pilot Holes

You can’t go through this step without a drill. Please make sure you have a drill ready beforehand before you begin this procedure. You are especially going to need a power drill. Grab the power drill and place it over the locations you have marked. Now, turn it on and start drilling holes into the area.

Hanging Frameless Mirror on a Wall Advice

If you see that despite careful measurements you took before, the pilot holes aren’t still on top of a stud, you will need a plastic wall anchor. Hammer the anchor until it is flushed along the wall. Now, grab a bottom clip for each of the pilot holes and screw it straight into the wall. Use a screwdriver or drill for this process.

Be aware, don’t accidentally screw in the wrong set of clips. How to know if it’s a bottom clip? Generally, these are a single piece of material that forms a U shape. As for top clips, they are L shaped in most cases. They are also made with at least two pieces of material instead of one.

Step 6: Mark Around for The Top Mirror Clip

This is time for the spirit level to shine again. Place the spirit level vertically on top of the bottom clip. Draw a line vertically from each bottom clip upwards. The line should be aligned with the line of the top edge of the mirror you have marked previously. This way, you can also line the top edge of each top clip and mark it. Now, mark the area you need to drill the pilot holes. Here is a product you could use – Hollywood Vanity Mirror.

Hanging Frameless Mirror on a Wall Advice

Similar to how the bottom clips were screwed in, the pilot holes should also be lower by ½ inch or 1 inch below the top line of the mirror.

Step 7: Again, Drill The Pilot Holes

Now, you have to drill the pilot holes over the positions you have marked. If even now, you find out the holes are not positioned directly over a stud, you can use the help of wall anchors to level it until the lips are flushed with the wall. Check out

Hanging Frameless Mirror on a Wall Advice

Use a screwdriver to unscrew the two parts you will see on the top clip. You will see that the larger of the two pieces is the bracket. Screw each of these brackets into the hole in the wall.

Step 8: The Final Step

Carefully, and slowly, slide the mirrors into the place of the bottom clips. Now, tilt the mirror slowly until it is flush with the wall. Now, fit the leftover pieces of the top clip into the top bracket. Screw them all together so the mirror holds firmly in place. There, you have it! Your first successful installation of a frameless mirror. Done correctly, you shouldn’t have to drill glass at all. And here is a selection of products you could install – Hollywood Mirrors. Many homeowners have a car, If you have Tesla car you may look at the best roof box for Tesla Model 3.

Hanging Frameless Mirror on a Wall Advice

An Alternative Way to Hang the Mirror

Alternatively, you can take the adhesive route for hanging a frameless wall mirror. While it’s easier, it’s a route that can lead to serious damage on the wall as it is a permanent solution. If you’ve glued it once, when you try to remove it, the wall and the mirror can take some damage. Still, let’s take a look at the steps, shall we?

Step 1: Mark The Area 

Hold the mirror flush against the wall and mark the top and bottom corners with the help of a pencil. Just like the clipping process, use a level to make sure the lines are straight. About an inch inside, parallel to the corner lines, stick a piece of painter wall on all 4 sides. The painter’s tape is the area where the mirror would be glued in.

Hanging Frameless Mirror on a Wall tips

Step 2: Sanding and Priming

Usually, household paints are such that you can easily clean it off. Rarely does it allow for adhesive to form a bond on the wall. You need to sand away the paint until you get to the drywall. Clean away any leftover dust. Now, the sanded area needs to be coated with a primer and left to dry.

Hanging Frameless Mirror on a Wall tips

Step 3: Wooden Brace for Support

For the time being, install a wooden brace on the bottom part of the mirror’s edge so it can be supported. Get rid of the painter’s tape on the top. The marked bottom edge is now flushed with the top of the mirror.

Hanging Frameless Mirror on a Wall tips

Step 4: Apply The Adhesive

You can’t use just any adhesive. It has to be mastic, which is a construction purpose adhesive. Usually, the manufacturers give out instructions on how to apply it. Leave space towards the edge on all sides when applying the adhesive to the back of the mirror so when you’re finally placing it against the wall, extra doesn’t squeeze out from the side.

Hanging Frameless Mirror on a Wall tips

Step 5: Your Final Step for Installation

First, place only one corner of the mirror into the wooden support while you keep the other side lifted. Now, slowly press it against the wall. As the mastic starts getting attached to the wall, press the lifted corner against the support too. Use the help of a paint roller to press it more firmly.

Lastly, simply get rid of the wooden brace. Of course, don’t do it before the mastic has dried completely. Once dried, you can remove the wooden brace by using a drill to unscrew it. Sand away this part of the wall and if there is any mark left, just paint over it.

Hanging Frameless Mirror on a Wall tips

You will pretty much by the DIY expert on how to hang a frameless mirror on a wall after today. However, are you an expert on where to get the best, sturdy frameless wall mirror from? Our personal favorite and recommendation would be Fab Glass and Mirror. They are a wonderful glass and mirror company who not only provide top quality material but also has great customer service to boast of. If you visit their site, you can chat with an expert on mirrors and installation before you buy the product.

As you can acquire all kinds mirror from Fab Glass and Mirror. They have framed and frameless mirror. They have regular bathroom mirrors and wall mirrors. You can custom order the mirror according to your preference. You can select the shape of the mirror, which comes in the regular square, rectangular or round shape or the more daring decorative like Trapezoid, Irregular shape, Sketch Template, Irregular Hexagon and so on.

After you have settled on a shape, you can select the dimensions. As for your wall, instead of getting a mirror and trying to fit it into the wall, you can take a different route. You can instead carve out a measurement on the wall for the size of the mirror you prefer and then order it from the shop. Afterward, you can select the glass type and the edging and corner finish you want. The site also has a huge collection of frameless mirrors that are large and round.

So, what’s stopping you, order your frameless mirror right away!

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