How To Design an Industrial Workbench That Is Right for Yous Advice, Workstation guide

How To Design an Industrial Workbench Guide

Nov 17, 2020

How To Design an Industrial Workbench That Is Right for You

On average, workers will spend 50% of their waking hours on the job. That’s right, setting aside time for sleep, half of your time for 65 years will be spent at your industrial workbench.

Couple this with the fact that the majority of workstations aren’t set up properly for individual needs, and you’ll be facing years of back pain. poor posture, and inefficient workspaces.

With this much time investment, every worker deserves a dose of workspace optimization with personalized workbench design. Tailoring your bench to your specific needs will save on discomfort and boost your productivity.

So how do you design a workbench that’s right for you? Follow along to learn the key elements and features to consider when putting together your custom space.

How To Design an Industrial Workbench That Is Right for You

What’s Your Work?

What kinds of tasks will take place at your professional workbench? Knowing exactly what you will need to do here will help you determine the size of your worktop and what materials you’ll need to use.

If you are working with things like heat and tools, you may want to consider more durable materials for your top and storage options.

Your weight load capacity will also help you decide how heavy duty of a station you’ll need. If your working materials pack a ton of weight, go for tougher materials with a higher capacity for load-bearing.

Consider what will be on your worktop and what you’ll need to have close by so you can set up the space for these requirements.


What space do you have to facilitate your workbench? Are you fitting your station into a difficult shaped area? Use your space limitations to determine how wide, deep, and tall you can make your bench.

You’ll also want to match your dimensions to your own size. Tailor your worktop height to facilitate good posture and reduce strain on your body. Do you prefer to stand, sit, or both? If you plan to use an adjustable height option for better workbench ergonomics, you’ll want to consider this for storage options and overhead shelving.

Standing and sitting options will change how you access items. Customizing for your height will ensure that you can reach all applicable factors when you are seated and standing alike.

Surrounding Workspace

If you are designing a station for employees, consider what kind of setup will be optimal for your line of work. Will back to back or side by side stations allow for utilization of tools and sharing of resources?

Do you need to create more privacy and separation with the design? Space separators and privacy screens can be built into

Will more than one person be using this industrial workbench at different times? This is another great reason to consider adjustable height options.


How much storage will you need and how large will the items you store be.

You’ll want to maximize space by eliminating unused space. If you don’t need that extra cabinet, free up more worktop area. Have lots of overhead with no purpose? Integrate shelving or hanging storage options and use these areas for quick access items.

Consider the materials you use for your work on a daily basis. Do you need to be able to reach tools or screws conveniently? Tailor the size and positioning of storage compartments to streamline your productivity. Have everything in the optimal position for organization and easy accessibility.


Working with fine details will require extra lighting or even movable light fixtures. Where will you need this light the most and how can you position it to prevent shadows or invasive structures.

Overhead lighting is a great idea to bring a bright, clean feeling to your space. You could even add lights in cabinets to get a better view of your supplies or under your overhead cabinets to brighten shadowed areas.

Power and Tech

All of your tools and technology will require power and other utility lines. You may need hardwiring for internet or data ports for your tech systems. Other tools may require storage and accessibility for services such as compressed air.

Take note of how many power points you’ll need and where they should be located on your station. How will each of your power requiring elements have access to these points?

Consider arranging your station for cord management to ensure a tidy workspace. Cleaning up your cables will also ensure proper safety for you or your workers. Fewer hazards will allow for better working conditions and less flow-stopping interruptions.

Accessories and Convenience

This is where you can get creative with extra features and add in subtleties that add to the convenience of your setup.

Do you want to make your workbench mobile? Adding in lockable wheels will allow for easy moving and secure stationary positions. Do you need a little extra space for certain tasks? Extendible worktops or slide-out surfaces could be the perfect solution.

If you work in a multi-employee office and receive communication through inboxes, you can build in a mail slot to encourage fewer interruptions. Have a plethora of parts that need sorting. Add on bin rails to keep everything in line.

Take it to the next level with footrests for workbench ergonomics or even a coathook to get your jacket off your chair or hang your apron for your next shift.

Customize Your Industrial Workbench

From materials to add ons, now you know exactly what factors will impact your personalized industrial workbench design. Use these tips and tricks to build your perfect bench and get the most out of your workspace.

Want to know more about customizing your workspace and optimizing productivity? Visit our other articles to learn all about the best spaces for your work and how to achieve them.

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