How to Cut Metal in 5 Safe and Simple Ways Tips, Cutting Method Advice, Guide

How to Cut Metal in 5 Safe and Simple Ways

10 Sep 2020

How to Cut Metal in 5 Safe and Simple Ways

So, you need to cut metal for a DIY project and are wondering about the best way to do it. It might have seemed simple at first, but you’ve probably realized there are quite a few ways to do it.

It’s best you learn how to cut metal by familiarizing yourself with the different methods and any helpful tips or tricks to keep you and your project safe. Read further for more 5 safe and simple ways to cut metal.

How to Cut Metal Safely Guide

  1. Cut Metal With a Hacksaw

The most classic way to cut metal (especially steel or aluminum) is by using a hacksaw. These tools are small and cheap and are best for cutting into really small objects that would be difficult or impossible to do with other methods. The only downside is that it does take quite some time and effort to make a cut.

  1. Cut Metal With a Laser Cutter

Laser cutters are high-intensity beams of light that have become powerful tools to cut through steel and brass. They’re not necessarily for your everyday handyman, since they are quite expensive. However, they’re one of the most effective ways to cut strong metals precisely.

We recommend reading the guide to precision cut metal for more information.

  1. With Abrasive Blades

The good, old abrasive blade. The most classic version of this method is to use a chop saw, which is ideal for cutting steel into straight cuts. It’s easy to guide the machine through the steel and a pretty cheap tool compared to others. It’s also versatile since you can switch out the blades and choose different sizes.

The biggest downside to the abrasive blade is can result in a mess and you may need to replace the blades often.

  1. With a Cutting Torch

The cutting torch is one of the best methods if you need to cut through steel quickly and are using rusty bolts. It’s not a common DIY tool because it can be risky to use in small spaces. But if you’re careful, then they can be a great choice because they’re cheap, effective, and don’t require much storage space!

  1. With a Band Saw

The band saw can cut expanded metal in all sorts of sizes. This tool stays effective for a long time if you properly learn how to match the right speed and tooth pitch with the material you’re using. The biggest disadvantage is that they’re not very portable – so, you’ll have to stay in your workshop!

How to Cut Metal Safely

Every method has advantages and disadvantages. Pick the one that gets the job done and suits your budget and workspace size.

Regardless of how to cut metal, safety must always come first. There are plenty of professional or experienced DIY-ers who have gotten so comfortable that they’ve neglected their protective equipment – and paid the price. You should always remember to wear protective gloves, safety glasses to protect your eyes, and a face mask to avoid getting hit by any start fibers flying around.

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