How to choose a dissertation sampling method?

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A Dissertation Sampling Method: How To Choose One?

23 September 2022

A dissertation is a significant project in a student’s academic career. The dissertation aims to provide new knowledge about some topic, which means you must do experiments, collect data and make conclusions based on this data.

A sampling method is a procedure for selecting a subset of the population to study to ensure that any inferences made from that study are valid. However, there are many ways to research to achieve the desired results. This article will discuss different sampling methods examples and when you should use each.

How to choose a dissertation sampling method

Random Sampling

  • The most accurate method, random sampling, is also desirable for quantitative analyses like large-scale surveys. This type of sampling helps researchers obtain a representative sample that accurately reflects the entire population.
  • Random sampling is ideal for large and small populations because it ensures that all groups are represented equally within your sample (this cannot be achieved using non-random techniques). For example, if you wanted to survey hundreds of thousands or millions of people across the U.S., it would make sense to use random sampling so that every region was accurately represented within your final results.

Opportunity Sampling

  • Opportunity sampling is a sample selection method. It is used when the researcher has a chance to interview or observe people who are willing to participate.
  • It is helpful in case of rare events or groups; for example, if you want to study penguins and there are only a few penguins in your country, then opportunity sampling would be helpful.
  • The method can also be effective when you need to interview many people. If your research aims at getting feedback from thousands of users about some product, this will help you explore the general trends instead of trying every single user individually.
  • On the other hand, if you are having trouble understanding what to choose, you can look on the internet for some examples of dissertation so you know what your supervisor expects.

Judgement Sampling

Judgement sampling is a method wherein a researcher selects a sample of respondents based on their judgement. The sample is selected based on the researcher’s judgement of who would be most likely to provide useful information for the study.

Judgement sampling is used in qualitative research, encompassing interviews and focus groups. In this type of research, it’s essential to select participants who are representative of your population—for example, if you’re studying workers at an engineering firm, then you’d want to include both men and women in your sample since they make up roughly half each population (52% male).

Snowball Sampling

The purpose of snowball sampling is to sample a community or population of individuals whose characteristics (e.g., age, gender) are unknown. This method can be used when you don’t know much about the group or population in question and want to gain insight into it.

The snowball technique involves interviewing one or more respondents and asking them for names of people in their social networks who might also be willing to participate in your research study. The idea behind this approach is that most people have at least one friend who knows something about them, so if you start interviewing some members from within that network, they can tell others about it and eventually lead you to other potential respondents with similar characteristics or similar interests.

Select the best sampling method according to your dissertation’s aim.

It is essential to choose the most appropriate sampling method for your dissertation. Deciding on the proper sampling method for your research will ensure that you get a representative sample of your target population, which can then be used to generalise this population. Below are some ways you can determine which sampling methods are best for you:

  • Determine what you want to study: If you aim to conduct quantitative analysis on large groups of people, use random sampling. Use convenience and snowballing techniques for qualitative studies where one-on-one interviews or focus groups are necessary.
  • Consider cost/resources: Some research methods require more time or money than others; if either is limited, consider using a less costly approach or one that takes less time (e.g., by using an existing database).
  • Think about ease and speed of implementation: Does the chosen technique allow quick access? Do they need additional resources like data collection devices?

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How to choose a dissertation sampling method Conclusion

In conclusion, a dissertation is the culmination of your academic career and should be treated with care. The sampling method example you choose will significantly impact how your data reflects the larger population, so it’s essential to ensure that you’ve chosen a method that suits your research question and budget.

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