10 effective writing strategies to improve your essays

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10 Effective Writing Strategies To Improve Your Essays

18 Nov 2021

Essays are probably the best piece of writing employed to introduce a specific topic. However, most students dread the prospect of writing essays or any other writing assignment, whether they are in high school or university. The majority of the students do not know how to write an essay that captivates their readers.

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You will have studied many guides before you start writing your essay. Especially if it is the first time you are facing this assignment. If you feel like you won’t be able to handle the task for yourself, you can buy college essay to get rid of your worries. Don’t hesitate to seek professional help when you need it.

10 effective writing strategies to improve your essays

Writing can be a tedious process, even for a pro custom essay writer with considerable experience. Therefore, a regular student is bound to face different challenges during the writing process. Here are a few easy-to-follow essay writing strategies to help you create an effective essay.

10 effective college essay writing strategies in 2022

You will have difficulty writing even a simple essay topic if you’re not used to writing essays. But, let that not worry you. It is possible to deliver a decent essay by following a few simple writing strategies. The strategies can help you write an impressive essay that’ll help you get the grade you deserve when put into regular practice.

Thus, whenever you find yourself having to write an essay, you can refer to the writing strategies given below:

  1. Select a topic: Sometimes, you get the liberty of choosing a topic for essay writing. But, other times, the teacher gives the topic. Whenever a topic is provided, think about what kind of essay you want to write –
  • A general summary of the topic.
  • A detailed study of the topic

However, if you are going to select a topic, you’ll have to research more and determine your aim first. Are you going to educate your reader with your essay? Or persuade them to accept your arguments?

If you want to educate your readers, pick a topic that you know well. But, if your goal is to persuade, pick a topic you are passionate about.

Whatever the purpose of your essay, ensure you get involved in the topic. It is one of the best strategies to improve your essay.

  1. Draft an outline: An excellent way to develop a piece of writing is to create an outline. It helps you organize your thoughts about what you want to discuss. The outline will generally involve an introduction, body, and conclusion. Ideally, you should support your essay with at least three vital points.
  1. Research the topic: Conducting in-depth research is crucial to support your topic, and it will serve as the basis for your essay. The findings of your research will serve as evidence of your essay and will back them up. Researching the topic is also an essential strategy for improving essay writing.
  1. Using proper sentence structure & vocabulary: It is crucial to use language skills when writing academic college essays. The proper usage of vocabulary helps avoid ambiguous language. Furthermore, please don’t use too many short sentences, as it can make the essay look congested. Instead, use both long and short sentences and avoid repeating sentences.
  1. Adhere to grammar rules: Always use simple language and follow the grammar and punctuation rules to make the essay readable. Grammar, punctuation, and style are all crucial components that help your audience understand your essay.
  1. Read other essays: Try reading various essays written by your peers and academicians on different topics other than your academics. This exercise will help you enhance and shape your writing style.
  1. Use active voice more: Do not use passive voice when writing an academic essay. Instead, use an active voice that engages the reader and shows the reader precisely what the subject is about.
  1. Avoid informal expressions: Never use informal words or slang in your academic essay. Additionally, you can write the essay in the third person as it helps your readers connect with your essay on a higher level.
  1. Write an appropriate conclusion: Not just the beginning but even the end of an essay must be strong. An essay’s conclusion should summarize all the points made in the essay. In the conclusion part, you should map out your points quickly and demonstrate how they relate to your essay.
  1. Proofread your essay: Once you complete writing your essay, proofread it to identify errors and mistakes in grammar, punctuation, and spelling. You can utilize software tools such as Grammarly to detect and rectify the errors.

Furthermore, read the essay aloud to hear how it sounds. Analyze if there are any issues with the flow and tone of your essay. Determine if the essay is engaging enough for your readers. You can take the assistance of a friend or a guide to proofread your work and ask their suggestions for improvement.

Writing an engaging essay is not an easy task, but with the writing strategies mentioned above, you can improve your essay to a great extent. Though the strategies given above can help you produce effective, compelling, and straightforward college essays. Though writing an essay seems complex, with the help of the correct writing strategies and everyday practice, you can deliver a successful essay in no time.

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