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How to Capture Your Wedding Photo with DIY Photo Booth

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10 August 2019

Wedding Photo Booth Tips

The guests in the marriage cannot help themselves to get out of the celebratory spirit. They need special services just like an open bar. That is why most of the times, people forget to capture memorable moments. Actually, the videographers and photographers are on so many places at a time. If you choose to have a Selfie mirror photo booth or DIY Photobooth on your marriage site, you can encourage your guests to have some fun. It can help you capture the memorable antics for yourself.

Everyone wants to make their wedding a memorable event, the professionals play a part by offering their services. A photo booth service is no different. You can leave it to the professionals without any problem. In this article, we will share some tips and tricks on how to set up a photo booth.

Find A Special Spot

The very step that you have to take is to find a suitable spot at your reception. The main thing needs to keep in mind that the place should be easily found by the guests. Moreover, make sure that the place does not interrupt your event. One of the great options is unused coat closets, dance floor corners, or a wide-open space outdoors. When you find one, take some important measurements and begin planning.

Build A Backdrop

Capturing pictures of your friend and family is good but it can be perfect by adding a styled backdrop. Setting a backdrop is not an easy thing if you are not an expert. In these cases, you can choose any simple one with simple, streamers, flowers, fabrics and ribbons. You can easily find these things from a store. Grab these things and start designing the backdrop of your dreams. But if you are arranging this on a friend’s house or renting a reception then get their permission before hanging anything on the wall.

Booth Lightning

How you are going to take pictures without the lightning? So, make sure you have proper lighting in the booth. Moreover, too dim or too bright light can affect the pictures. You can use a camera flash but as guests are going to use their own cameras so it is not an option. It is always better to find a place with natural light. But if you are going to set up indoors or during dark then you can use lamps and bulbs to brighten the space.

Use Booth Props

Another thing you can to make your DIY photo booth more playful is by using the props. Sunglasses, costumes, hats, masks, toys, etc. can be used to make things more creative. The guests can play and use different things that can help them get silly and loose.

Photo Booth Frame

Moreover, you can use frames for getting good shots in the booth. They are not just for displaying your photos. Get a frame and take all of your guests behind it to snap a great pose. You can easily buy frames of different sizes, remove the glass or you can use different DIY photo booth prop.

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