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Can You Buy A House With Cash And Then Get A Mortgage?

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31 July 2019

Buying A House With Cash

Can You Buy A House With Cash And Then Get A Mortgage?

Buying a home in a seller’s market can be quite the headache. As soon as you find a house that you love, someone else’s offer beats yours. This is why some ambitious buyers are taking a new approach to home financing.

By buying a house with cash and then applying for a mortgage, you can stay a step ahead of your competition throughout the buying process. This guide will outline the basics of delayed financing, when you should do it, and how to do it right.

What is delayed financing?

In competitive housing markets, it can be difficult to stay ahead when you can’t afford to pay in cash. Sellers will almost always accept full cash offers first, leaving mortgage buyers in the dust.

Delayed financing is a solution to this issue. Basically, buyers liquidate their assets to purchase a house in cash — these items often end up in liquidation auctions afterward. They convert existing assets into capital, then finance the payment to pay the money back into those accounts. When done well, this method can secure a home sale and protect your finances.

Who might benefit from delayed financing?

It’s important to note that not every buyer should commit to delayed financing. The right type of buyer will have access to stocks or cash, perhaps through a retirement account or other fund. You should also be ready to purchase a home immediately, because there will be pressure to use that money.

So, whether you are purchasing a new home or one from an auction, you need to stick with a timeline. If you aren’t sure whether delayed financing is right for you, talk to a financial advisor. They might suggest making a savings plan to buy a home in several years, depending on your financial health and goals.

How do you buy a house before financing?

There are several ways to purchase a home in cash before financing. Some home buyers will liquidate their assets, such as investment properties. You can also dip into your retirement accounts or borrow from a relative.

In some cases, lenders may also provide the cash for delayed financing home purchases. After you buy a home, you can then apply for a mortgage to put money back into the source. Over time, you will replenish your assets or pay back the lender in full.

What steps should you take before committing to delayed financing?

Again, it is always essential to consult a financial advisor before using this method. They will consider factors like your current assets, investment home loan rates, and other associated fees to determine whether delayed financing is a wise choice. You should discuss how quickly you’ll be ready to apply for a mortgage, since delaying this process could bring additional fees.

You should also remember that there are certain risks associated with buying homes in cash. When you don’t need to go through a lender initially, you won’t have to fulfill requirements like home inspections. Especially if you are buying a home on liquidation, you run the risk of additional repair costs once you move in. So, even if you are eager to put in an offer, slow down and hire an inspector first.

While delayed financing allows you to move through the market quickly, you need to be completely prepared to do so. Make sure that you have considered all additional costs and that you are willing to liquidate your assets.

Even if you fall in love with a home, be logical and choose the best course of action for you. The effort will be well worth it when you are comfortably enjoying your new house.

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