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How to Add More Space to a Property Without Extending

Clever ideas for finding extra space around your home – Architectural Article by Houzz

3 Oct 2017

Add More Space to a Property

Check out these clever ideas for finding extra space around your home for everything from storage to another sleep area

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Denise O’Connor, Houzz Contributors

Are you crying out for more space? Before you you start to plan an extension, take some time to look at how you are using your home. It’s more likely that what you really need is more room for storage, and that the very space you crave is right under your nose.

How to Add More Space to a Property Without an Extension

Go up the walls
Your walls aren’t just for displaying artwork. Take a look around your home to see if there are any wall surfaces that you can transform into shelves or a cupboard. Here, the homeowners have lined their staircase wall with shelving to accommodate books. By putting redundant areas like this to good use, you will free up space elsewhere throughout your home.

How to Add More Space to a Property Without an Extension

Get a good joiner
Here, a neat and functional home-office nook has been built in next to a window. The doors can be closed when the desk isn’t in use, and the built-in banquette to the side creates a lovely and inviting space to sit and relax. This whole joinery piece is a really efficient, attractive and unobtrusive new feature.

How to Add More Space to a Property Without an Extension

Max out under the stairs
The area under the stairs is often poorly utilised, but there are a number of companies that provide excellent bespoke solutions to allow you to maximise this space.

Drawers and cupboards can be created to store everything from shoes and sports equipment to umbrellas and bags. Here, the area has been used super efficiently to create a small study space and an overflow area for the kitchen.

Find out how to make the most of the space under the stairs

How to Add More Space to a Property Without an Extension

Look above your head
Consider going into your attic to gain some extra space in the rooms below. This can be a great way to gain floor space without having to extend. It’s also a clever way to get another room. For instance, you could add a mezzanine level over a living space to create an additional seating or den area.

Here, the homeowners have used the space to create a mezzanine level in their children’s room. This smart design has allowed them to have room for a second bed on the higher level, freeing up valuable play and storage space below.

How to Add More Space to a Property Without an Extension

Think about transitional spaces
Landings and hallways are often simply used to pass through from one room to another. Try to give them a more useful purpose.

Here, a box room was removed to let light into this landing space. The built-in joinery is used to create lots of storage and a lovely space to sit and read.

transitional spaces

Tackle your laundry
If you want to keep your washing appliances out of the way, you don’t have to sacrifice a whole room (or extend) to accommodate a utility or laundry area. By simply concealing the washer and dryer in your kitchen, as they’ve done in the image above, you’ll keep them hidden. You can use a similar solution for storing clothes drying paraphernalia, laundry detergents and ironing equipment, too.

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Laundry soace

Use every square inch
Think you don’t have enough storage space in your kitchen? Could your kitchen cabinets be brought right up to the ceiling to give you storage space for those appliances you use less frequently? Here, every square inch is utilised, making a small kitchen extremely functional.

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small kitchens for inspiration

Keep it simple
Look for clever ways of incorporating storage into unused nooks and crannies. Be creative, as sometimes these spaces are not so obvious.

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