How the Right Technology Can Transform Your Small Business Tips, Advice, Building Guide

How the Right Technology Can Transform Your Small Business

Oct 20, 2020

How the Right Technology Can Transform Your Small Business

As an entrepreneur running a small business, growth is something you most likely aspire to. It is a rewarding feeling when you see your entrepreneurial efforts flourishing. The major challenge is often however, how to get around to achieving such success.

Technology may very well be the silver bullet that your enterprise needs. It can tremendously improve the way that you do business and open up a new scope of opportunities. In today’s business arena, with the right technology, the possibilities are endless.

Read on and let us take a look at how technological innovations can improve your business.

Speedy Delivery

Modern living is happening at a constantly fast pace. Consumers want to be able to access commodities and services without waiting too long. As such, in order to make your mark in the market, it is essential that you are able to fulfill orders in a short amount of time.

One way to do this would be to streamline your operations. Consider having an online system where you can receive, acknowledge, and track customers’ orders. When you and your staff are organized, you will be able to plan and work more efficiently. Such a system also provides a convenient and seamless customer experience to your clients.

You can equally achieve shorter turn-around times by using technology for difficult tasks that may take staff too long. However, it is essential that you consult a professional on the right gadgets for your business. For instance, if you would like to buy a robot for sorting tasks, you could easily find a SCARA robot for sale online. Still, you may benefit more by buying from a reliable manufacturer. They can guide you on which detailing would suit your business best.


One of the main causes of inflated business costs is poor efficiency. Human beings make errors but technology is built to be consistent.

Take, for example, that you run a bread bakery. You would find that an industrial mixer will yield the same number of loaves for the same amount of ingredients each time. On the other hand, if you were to do it manually, it is unlikely that you would be able to achieve the same efficiency.

In light of this, if you have a production stage in your business, automating it will provide you with efficiency. Further, you will have an easier time budgeting for raw materials and also avoid wastage.

Lower Costs of Operation

How the Right Technology Can Transform Your Small Business

As a small business, your resources may not be vast. It, therefore, becomes necessary to hire employees with great discretion lest the payroll becomes overburdening. Investing in software, gadgets, or devices to help you run your business is a one-off investment. In contrast, if you had to hire someone to do the same job, it would cost much more. Technology thus wins the day if you are hoping to stay frugal.

You can equally eliminate most overhead costs by moving your operations online. You can start with moving your accounting online using QuickBooks Desktop Hosting by adopting technologies like Windows Virtual Desktop available at low cost Windows Virtual Desktop Pricing. In fact, during these times of Covid-19, an online presence has become more valuable than owning a chain of stores. Additionally, online operations give you access to a wider market without costing you millions in advertising.

Increased Capacity

Technology allows you to do more. With the right tools, you can upgrade to better methods of production of standards of service delivery. In turn, you will likely attract more clients and develop your business even further.

An apt example of this would be the production of argan oil. For a long time, the women of Morocco ground the kernels by hand. It was not until they found suitable grinding technology that they were able to commercialize their venture. Currently, they have gone as far as establishing partnerships with international beauty brands.

Easier Management

Most entrepreneurs attest to the fact that running a business takes a toll on you. Being the boss may seem enjoyable but it also comes with a ton of responsibility. You could easily find yourself spread too thin and more overworked than you have ever been.

The idea of working smart may sound like a cliche but it is certainly worth considering. For your own comfort and peace of mind, consider taking on helpful management tools. Telecommuting, online inventory apps, and schedule planners are among the options you could explore. The trick is to pick what you feel would lighten your load.


How the Right Technology Can Transform Your Small Business

You never know when misfortune will strike and thus having a security system should be a top priority. Installing CCTV cameras is useful for incidences of theft and staving off internal pilferage as well. Smart alarm systems that send alerts to your phone and notify authorities when necessary are also recommendable.

For areas that you would prefer to limit access to, electronic key cards would be ideal. They bear unique identification details and you can thus monitor staff movements if you need to. This is especially useful for businesses involving high-value merchandise such as jewelry or controlled substances.


A large number of entrepreneurs shy away from exploring technological solutions for their businesses due to all the jargon involved. It is understandable that pixels, axes of movement, or coding may not be your comfort zone. However, if you take the time to seek expert advice, you may find ways to transform your business to heights you never thought possible. So, do take the leap. An abundance of possibilities awaits.

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