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How Much Does Autoflower Yield?

10 May 2022

Autoflowers are loved by weed enthusiasts for their fast growth, hardiness, and compact size. But with these advantages comes a justified question — do a short lifespan and a smaller size mean fewer crops compared to photoperiod plants? Let’s find out whether auto flowering cannabis seeds are worth the hustle.

What Are Autoflower seeds?

While photoperiod plants blossom depending on the sun exposure regime, autos don’t care much about the sun. They are hybrids of regular cannabis and sativa strains with much more tough northern plants, which had to adapt to little sunlight and become independent of sunlight regularity.

As a result, auto strains have a determined life period when they start to blossom irrespective of conditions. As a bonus, they are also more resistant to pests and stress.

How Much Autoflower Yield?

With the right care and strains, an auto can produce more than 500g/m2. For example, a Northern Lights Auto can produce up to 550g/m2, which is more than some photoperiod plants. Most auto strains, though, have a yield in a range of 350-400g/m2. Keep in mind that there are no guarantees of the maximum outcome, as the environment has a great influence on the crop size. The factors include:

  • the right temperature at different stages of growth
  • indoor and outdoor cultivation
  • type and amount of light per day
  • pot size and soil
  • space

Coupled with genetics, these conditions determine the quantity and quality of the buds you get.

Can Auto Compete with Photo?

While some strains of autoflowers can produce as much as photoperiod plants per m2, the truth is that due to a longer lifecycle, photoperiods grow larger and give more crops per plant. This is especially true for outdoor growing plants.

The most productive sativa plants can produce up to four kilos per plant when they grow outdoors.

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