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CBD Oil and How It Can Help Fight Epilepsy in Dogs

20 May 2020

CBD Oil and How It Can Help Fight Epilepsy in Dogs

An epileptic seizure that suddenly attacks your pet is not something you want to witness every day. It’s terrible, stressful and you’re scared. But don’t panic, even with canine epilepsy you can live a beautiful life together. It is important to follow the treatment diligently and not to expose the dog to seizure triggers unnecessarily. Click here to read more.

Like humans, dogs can suffer from this unpleasant disability. Of all the animal species, dogs are the most susceptible to this disease. Some breeds more, some less. Epilepsy means a lifelong struggle. Unfortunately, it is incurable. There are many means, both pharmaceutical and natural, that help dogs stop their struggle.

If you own a dog with epilepsy, you often have questions: How to help a dumb face in its suffering? And how to take care of the dog in general in the field of prevention? You will find the answers to them in this article.

CBD Oil and how to avoid Epilepsy in Dogs

What exactly is epilepsy?

Epilepsy is a disease of the nervous system. It results from a brain disorder caused by excessive electric shocks. The brain plays a major role here because it is damaged in some way. Interestingly, this disease is not as rare in dogs as we might think. Some statistics show that about 3% of dogs suffer from it, regardless of breed, sex, or age. Of course, some races are more prone to epilepsy. The owners of dachshunds, collies, cocker spaniels and beagles should be careful. The likelihood of epilepsy is increased in golden retrievers and Labradors.

Where is the cause?

Sometimes it is not possible to say unequivocally what the culprit trigger is. Sometimes genes play a role, sometimes epilepsy develops from a head injury, sometimes it is due to a complicated birth with a lack of air supply. Read more about it here: https://pets.webmd.com/dogs/dog-seizure-disorders#1. Epilepsy can also occur in brain cancer. In addition to the biological cause, however, we also find external causes, which are more triggers of seizures than diseases as such. Increased stress, physical exertion, emotional instability, or excessive noise can irritate nerves to such an extent that there is concern in the world.

How does epilepsy manifest itself?

That’s the least pleasant part. Manifestations of epilepsy are definitely not happy, and every owner can hardly bear them. Seizures are typical and come suddenly and recur over an irregular horizon, length and intensity. He tells the dog’s muscles and senses for a while, and in the event of stronger seizures, he may even lose consciousness. Common “supplements” are the frantic movement of the limbs, tremors, chattering of teeth and foam around the mouth.

Manifestations of epilepsy usually have four phases: In the first phase, it is possible to observe subtle changes in the dog’s behavior. The second phase is accompanied by obvious changes in the dog’s behavior – whining, shunning you.

The third phase is the phase of the seizure itself. This is characterized by muscle twitching, loss of consciousness, and foam at the mouth, the dog’s neck tends to be at an unnatural angle. The attack can last up to several minutes. The fourth phase indicates typical behavior after a seizure. The dog is thirsty or abnormally hungry, exhausted, disoriented. This condition can last for several days.

Sometimes it can happen that the epileptic seizure takes place completely without convulsions. You will recognize him by the fact that the dog stares stiffly in front of him, does not move and if so, only in an uncoordinated manner. In another type of seizure, the dog has cramped jaws, breathes heavily and foam flows out of his mouth. Or, on the contrary, his mouth is wide open, he swallows hard and shakes all over his body. There are also cases where the dog stiffens, turns on his side, and turns his eyes to the pillar. During seizures, there is also a risk that the dog will stop breathing.

Once the attack is over, the dog is often disoriented, hungry, and extremely thirsty because he lacks energy. He also usually falls asleep quickly.

How to treat epilepsy

Unfortunately, epilepsy is one of the diseases that cannot be cured. All you can do is be under regular veterinary supervision, control the course of the disease by taking medication, prevent seizures, and if they do appear, act quickly and sensibly.

CBD Oil help dogs epileptic seizure

Sometimes the seizures last for a short time and the dog usually gets out of them on his own within a few seconds. However, in case of stronger and longer-lasting cramps, you should call a veterinarian, who will either come to the dog immediately with a sedative injection or advise you on what to do.

What CBD oil can do for your canine companion

CBD oil contains cannabidiol which is one of the substances found exclusively in hemp, or cannabis. While cannabidiol does not have the same narcotic effects as the other substance found in hemp, the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), it still is of great use for epileptic dogs. Read more about cannabidiol effects at holistapet.com. What CBD does is that it decreases the intensity of the fits and its frequent usage leads to a decrease in the frequency of the seizures.

Animals, just like humans have a whole range of nervous receptors that are prone to react to this oil. Cannabidiol is known to stimulate the receptors to ease tension in the body which is exactly what the dog needs during the seizure. Cannabidiol substance comes in the form of oil which can be easily eaten by the dog in his food.

What to remember

The main thing is to keep calm. Nervousness and panic do not help the dog in his condition. Keep talking to him all the time. Remove all objects that could harm you from the area. It is necessary to carefully support the dog’s head with a pillow or blanket. Create a pleasant environment – dim the lights, turn off the music, and TV.

Over time, you will also be able to recognize incoming seizures and trace what is causing them. Then you can easily prevent these situations. During a seizure, do not try to calm the dog, as it may bite you. Remove dangerous objects from his reach that could injure him in a seizure. And most importantly, be lenient with him even during a “normal” day, because a dog epileptic needs mainly peace, love, and the feeling that you are here for him.

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