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Designing a New Cannabis Culture

20 Dec 2021

There has been a lot of press given to cannabis of late, and with good reason. The drive to legalize weed in many states of the USA has succeeded, and we now have a thriving and fast-growing cannabis industry that employs great numbers of people. With quality products available those who enjoy their weed are guaranteed a pleasurable experience, and without fear of prosecution.

There has always been a particular culture surrounding cannabis and its usage. Music is intrinsically linked with the substance, and it features heavily in popular culture in novels and films. Lately there is a new culture growing around cannabis usage, and it has been largely influenced by the world of vaping.

When smoking tobacco was banned in public places, and the dangers inherent in smoking became common knowledge, those who enjoyed tobacco soon found an alternative in vaping. Cannabis users didn’t take long to look at this route too, and there is now a large cultural change underway that takes us from rolling joints to using a dab pen or vape pen. Why vape cannabis? That’s our next question.

How People Designing a New Cannabis Culture

Designing a New Cannabis Culture Guide

Why Vape Cannabis?

For the millions of people who enjoy cannabis recreationally the legalization of our favorite substance is a bonus. So why turn to vaping? Why not simply roll a joint and light up? The answer lies in the very reason smoking tobacco was banned.

The tar and carcinogens that can cause lung problems via smoking are produced by the act of burning itself. This is also present when you smoke a joint. Vaping involves no flame at all. When you vape, you are heating the substance to a temperature at which it atomizes – or vaporizes. This is done by way of a small battery heating a coil that atomizes the substance in a compartment within the device. The result is vapor inhaled via the mouthpiece.

Because of this method of operation vaping is inherently safer than smoking, whether tobacco or a joint. The popularity of vaping is on the up, and there is now a market that has great demand given the new vape culture. Let’s look at how vaping – and the accessories involved – have in fact penetrated the cool and trendy culture of cannabis.

Vape Pens are Trendy

Click the link for an example of a stylish wax pen and you’ll see a device that is neatly designed, looks good, and is also designed to be efficient and effective. Compact, trendy, and clean, this is a long way removed from the early vape devices, and a different item indeed from a traditional joint.

The model featured is a dab pen. This is just one type of vape pen that you can buy. Dabbing is using cannabis in wax concentrate form and is rapidly gaining in popularity because it is simple, effective, and discreet. Why is it called a pen? The early and basic vape pens were so called because they were pen shaped. Now that many have evolved into different shapes the name has stuck.

The fact is that vape pens are very much ‘in.’ Remember that it was once trendy to smoke. Now it is the socially accepted method of enjoying cannabis to vape. Many who enjoy cannabis are finding this to be the most enjoyable way of getting their hit, and it is a pastime enjoyed by stars of music, TV, film and even sport. Vaping is the way to go, and it’s gone mainstream as we are about to explain.

Cannabis and the Mainstream

Once vaping cannabis was made legal in California – the state where much of the US cannabis stock is grown – the market was always going to expand and other states were set to follow – refer to The result is that vaping cannabis – which has always been popular but underground and hidden away – has now become a mainstream topic of news and conversation.

The quality of weed itself is far better at a licensed retailer than having to rely on what your dealer has at the time. The variety is greater – there are different strains and strengths to choose from – and loading and using a dab pen is far less bother and mess than rolling a joint. For those of us who appreciate the tradition of rolling – it is, after all, part of the culture – that part may be lose when vaping.

However, as the socially acceptable method of getting a cannabis, CBD or tobacco hit, vaping is the way forward. It’s easy, it’s efficient, and it’s what all your cannabis loving friends will be doing soon if they are not already. What does the future hold for cannabis and the millions of US citizens who enjoy a bit of casual weed? Let’s finish with a brief look at the market and where it is heading.

What the Future Holds for Vaping

There is no doubt that the future of cannabis in the USA is bright – at least in the many states that have chosen to legalize its use and growth, or to decriminalize possession of small amounts for personal use. More states are following suit and the use of cannabis is no longer a taboo subject – see

For those who use it medicinally this is a great time to be living as we know that cannabis has many therapeutical elements. So, if you haven’t tried vaping cannabis yet, give it a go, as it really the future of the cannabis culture.

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