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How Computer Games Has Appeared

10 Oct 2022

How Computer Games Has Appeared

Everyone’s favorite entertainment in the form of computer games has an amazing past. They grew out of the work of enthusiasts who put all their knowledge, imagination, and time into their development. The current stage of progress allows each player to easily connect to such platforms as Users do not need to invest either in advanced devices or in the purchase of the games themselves. And ahead of them lies an even more exciting future thanks to the development of Virtual and Augmented Reality.

Invention of Computer Games

The impetus for the development of modern online games was given back in the 40s of the 20th century. At that time the first electronic machines based on the cathode ray tube actively progressed and improved. Mathematicians and programmers began to adapt the simplest known games. No matter how primitive they may seem to us today, at that time it was a real breakthrough in technology!

First Monitors and Interactive Computer Games

The development of television accelerated work on the creation of computers. The presence of monitors opened up new perspectives that scientists were quick to take advantage of. The first games they computerized were the classic ones: checkers and tic-tac-toe. However, the very next step allowed them to claim something more.

First Graphic Games

When the 1960s began, the first monochrome computer games appeared. The first of them was the game SpaceWar. However, only a select few could play it, because the computer installation in those days occupied half the room. And the cost of this entertainment, reaching up to 100 thousand dollars, scared off potential users.

First TV Game Consoles

Although the idea of interactive game consoles appeared in the 1950s, it was not fully implemented until 1967. It took another 5 years to bring the idea to the level of industrial production. And already in 1972, a game console for a TV set could be bought for as little as $100!

The Boom of Arcade Games in the 1970s

The more manufacturers of game machines appeared, the more intensively computer games developed. The variability of the arcade games offered simply amazed the imagination of the fans of advanced technologies. From that moment on, the progress of computer games was unstoppable. Starting with a few games in the 1940s, they spawned millions of alternatives in the early 21st century.

Where To Find The Best Arcade Games Today

The arcade genre is still extremely popular. The simplicity of the game environment and the ability to play it quickly compared to advanced multiplayer counterparts makes it attractive to those who don’t want to spend too much time playing games. Arcades allow you to switch from everyday routine and relax. The Game Karma platform has collected the best selection of both arcade games and other popular genres.

To spend half an hour on your favorite games, you just need to join the platform in a Web browser or mobile version. Generations of the 1940s -1960s could not even dream of it! But today it is a reality accessible to everyone. Use it and thank the predecessors who made it possible!

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