A Handy 3-Step Guide to get the Perfect Triangle Pit Cover Tips, House Advice, Building Guide

A Handy 3-Step Guide to get the Perfect Triangle Pit Cover

Oct 16, 2020

If you have bought or built your fire pit, then it can surely make your backyard more functional and fun. After all, all this life’s simple pleasures make our lives more meaningful and enjoyable. But isn’t it necessary to keep your firepit protected after use to help extend the life of it and ensure maximum return on your investment on it? Many people may not havethought of it this way.

A Handy 3-Step Guide to get the Perfect Triangle Pit Cover

A Handy 3-Step Guide to Good Triangle Pit Cover

Why do you need to keep your fire pit covered?

First, let us discuss why you need a cover for your pit in the first place. The quick answer is that it will not last long if you do not consider it. Next, it may look snazzy and also hard to function if you leave you pit open for long. Remember, water damage to a fire pit is no joke. So, ideally, you need a cover to protect your pit from all these risks. Another major reason to leave a pit covered is safety. If you have kids or pet at home, this becomes the primary concern. Having proper covering on your pit can prevent many of the mischief-making by those little ones.

Now you know why you need a cover, next how and what you need to get? There are various materials and sizes of fire pit cover, so you need to be very careful about buying one, which will make or break your choice. A too small or too big cover will not work. Also, inappropriate materials chosen may not serve your purpose well. Let us further explore the steps involved in getting the right choice of fire pit cover.

Step 1 – choose the right shape and style

Sometimes, you may have a triangle fire pit cover, and sometimes it may be rectangular too. The world of fire pits is too diverse in all sorts of custom styles, shapes, and sizes. So do the pit covers. First, make a thorough evaluation of your fire pit to understand its exact dimensions and then look for a cover which is matching to your pit. At the online stores, you can find rectangle, triangle, octagon, hexagons, and more models of custom covers to choose.

Step 2 – Finding a good fit

As we discussed above, too short, and too big will not work well. No matter what the size and shape of your fire pit it is, you need to look for a custom fitting fire pit cover to be fixed well on the pit. Right, fit means it should not allow any water to get in. Always put in some effort to take proper measures of your fire pit to look for perfect fit cover. A good fitting cover will also add more appeal to your yard or garden where you fixed the pit.

Step 3 – Make the right choice of material

Size, shape, and fire pit covers are also available in various materials. The top three material options are vinyl, canvas, and polyester etc. All these are waterproof up to an extent, but vinyl is the best among those in terms of water resistance. You may consider the UV resistance of the material also if you are living in a sunny region. The composition of the material also matters in deciding the right fit of the cover on the pit.

Now you know the basics of choosing a good fire pit cover, proceed to the stores and explore the range of options available there to get your apt choice.

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