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Five Ways To Get Rid Of Extra Stuff In Your Home

18 Oct 2021

Five ways to get rid of extra stuff in your home
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Living a simpler life with less junk around is indeed an attractive idea. And we bet you must be trying to gather some energy to declutter your house for ages. We all have a little bit of junk lying around, but some have more than a little. This household clutter seems harmless, but for some people, it is a significant source of stress. They feel like their life is going out of control, and they cannot manage it.

Decluttering has proven to be therapeutic. People who describe their homes as clean and tidy are less depressed than otherwise. But as mentioned before, decluttering is not an easy task. It demands a lot of energy and motivation.

So to boost your energy, let us state some legit benefits of decluttering your home. Cleaning the whole house is enough of a chore, but cleaning things and areas that do not impact the overall look makes it more difficult. So when you get rid of items with no emotional attachment, cleaning becomes a lot easier.

You get a lot of extra free space, and your precious things won’t disappear all of a sudden. Hence, if you are still unsure of few things, you can rent a self storage unit until you decide what to do with that stuff. So with more space, you can divert your utmost attention and energy to the rest of the cleaning process. It will ultimately lessen your stress and make you happy. However, for those who are still confused about how to get started, we have some tips and tricks that can help you get rid of such unwanted items:

  1. Set a timeline

Before getting started, it is better to devise a plan. If you set specific goals, it will reduce your frustration and roadblocks to a minimum. So map out your house and sort out the decluttering hot spots that need your utmost attention. You can also grade them according to the severity so that you can prioritize your time. Start by fixing one space at a time. Set up a deadline but ensure that your timeline is attainable. This way, decluttering becomes more like a challenging game rather than a chore you want to finish. If any room is messier than others, declutter it in two or three days, rather than stressing yourself in one day.

  1. Use the three-box method

Once you go through the rooms, you will need to follow a sorting system. If you are confused about how to accomplish this, you can follow the three-box method. The three-box approach helps you separate valuable items from useless ones and lessens the mess. So what you should do is, take three sizeable boxes and label them as; ‘keep,’ ‘get rid of,’ and ‘put in storage.’ In the ‘keep’ box, place items that you use every day. In the box with the second box, place items you no longer use. And lastly, in the third box, put all your seasonal and sentimental items that you use occasionally. After doing this activity, you’ll have a better idea of what to keep and what not to.

  1. Purge your home of the clutter

Now that you have a massive box of items that you want to get rid of, there are numerous ways you can dispose of them. You can donate those items to someone who might be in dire need of them. If you are presenting them to any charity, ensure that you read their guidelines before. If any of the items are recyclable, put them straight in the recycle bin. You can also make some money out of your decluttered items with the help of a garage sale and invite your friends and neighbors to it. However, some of the things will not be in good shape. Hence, you can rent a dumpster to throw them away.

  1. Throw away duplicate items

Our houses are full of similar items. Some of the things we buy with our choice, some are gifts. So take a thorough look at your house, and look for duplicate items. These items can be your kitchen utensils, clothes, accessories, hobby material, etc. However, not all such things are a waste and may serve a purpose. But your job is to determine what is the right amount of each item to keep. For instance, you don’t need five white sweaters or four mixing spatulas of the same size. So sort out things in the right shape and condition, keep them and discard or donate the rest of them.

  1. Furniture storage

If you have an empty bookcase or a desk with storage, you can store many items and create free space. Dressers are usually in the bedrooms, but you can also put one in the living room and fill the drawers with stuff. Similarly, a coffee table is very functional. However, it can be even more helpful if you choose a tiered model. You can stack magazines or books on the shelf below and use small trays or baskets for smaller items. Hence, several types of furniture like console tables, cabinets, bar carts, built-in shelves, and many more give your house a chic look and serve as storage.

Five ways to get rid of extra stuff Conclusion

Let us be honest; decluttering a house is not a one-time deal. For proper maintenance, you will have to declutter after every 3 to 6 months. This way, things will not go out of hand.

It’s a time and energy-demanding chore. Hence, you will have to set up a schedule. Cleaning the house gets boring sometimes, so you can invite your friends and make it a wine night. Many friends can motivate you; they can also guide you about what to keep or throw out. Once you have cleaned, you will notice that you have saved so much unnecessary stuff. Hence, be mindful next time when you plan to buy anything.

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