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FAQ About a New Roof in Fort Worth, TX

Nov 9, 2019

FAQ About a New Roof in Fort Worth, TX – Must Know About Fort Worth Roofing

When you want to set up a new roof for your home or replace an old one, there are many questions in your mind. A new roof is necessary if you are building your home. Else, want to get rid of a damaged roofing system beyond repair and a replacement.

According to an article published on, the experience is the best thing when it comes to roof installation or repair. There is nothing worse than a damaged roof, causing a threat to your home’s safety and family. Therefore, you need to check out these FAQs about a new roof in Fort Worth:

Downtown Fort Worth, photo taken in 12 May 2020:
Downtown Fort Worth Texas buildings
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Is a metal roof expensive than a standard roof?

Metal roofing is a premium product and therefore new ones will cost you more than asphalt shingles. In case, you have a slate roofing system installed and want to replace the same with metal, the cost would be less. Then, when you choose metal, it is durable and you need not fret over it again. That is because they are meant to last. Most metal roofs have approx 30 years or 50 years guarantee. Additionally, the new roofing system would increase the cost of your home if you want to sell it in the future. Metal roofing is cost-effective in a way because you will not require re-roofing soon.

Will my new roof match the style of my home and neighborhood?

When it comes to modern residential roof materials, they look exactly as common roof products such as cedar shake, asphalt shingle, slate, or clay tile. These materials not only match the aesthetics of your home and neighborhood but also durable. You can visit websites like if you have any questions about roofing style.

Will my roofing endure rough weather conditions?

Your new roof is built using premium materials that can endure rough climatic conditions such as heavy rainfall, high winds, storms, wildfires, and hailstorms. The metal roofing system, especially, comes with a 120-mph wind rating, implying it can tolerate wind speed of up to 120/hour equivalent to a tornado. Modern roofing materials have uplift as well as wind resistance that is much higher than the standard building-code regulations. It provides engineers and architects much relief because they are able to use the topnotch roofing material to meet the safety requirement of your home.

Metal roofing also keeps your abode safe from fire hazards and even burning embers if there is a wildfire. If you are planning to use metal roofing, check with your insurance provider because it is possible that metal roofing set up would save your hard-earned money when it comes to homeowners insurance.

Is my roof susceptible to lightning?

As far as lightning is concerned, it attracts the highest point and not essentially the roof. If you set up metal roofing, it has no greater possibilities of struck by lightning than other roof materials. Even if your roof was hit by lightning, the metal would prevent your dwelling from catching fire, as it has the ability to disperse electrical charge. Metal is also noncombustible.


Though this is not a comprehensive list of questions and answers, we listed the most important ones, especially things related to aesthetics and safety.

FAQ About a New Roof in Fort Worth, TX
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