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How to Factor in Art when Building or Renovating

8 November 2023

Factor in Art when Building or Renovating

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There can be a lot to think about when you start renovating your existing home or building a new one for the first time. Much of your attention can be focused on building materials and colour choices, but there’s one more thing to consider: art.

Knowing what to buy, how to care for it during renovations, and even where to put it can all be worth considering when you reach the end of your construction project. Here are a few helpful tips that may help along the way.

Have a Placement Plan

Where you’ll place art can be a crucial consideration since it can help you decide what to buy and your chosen art’s dimensions. If you’re worried about not having enough space, start thinking about clearing the clutter while your construction project is underway.

Type ‘dumpster rental Detroit’ into a search engine to find trusted dumpster rental businesses to get rid of broken items and rubbish. You can also donate and sell goods you no longer need. When you’ve cleared space and streamlined your home décor, you might find it much easier knowing what to buy and where to put it.

Funding Art

Art can give a new or renovated home some much-needed life, which means it can be worth considering how you will fund this crucial home addition when the time comes to add the finishing touches.

Many people open offset accounts, which are transaction accounts connected to home loans. You can withdraw money from these accounts as you would a standard transaction account, but long-term savings within them can lead to fewer interest payments over time.

Alternatively, you might try to increase your earnings, sell other goods to free up cash, or open a traditional savings account until you have enough for your preferred purchases.

Avoid Damage

Whether you spend tens, hundreds, or thousands of dollars on art, it’s essential to position it somewhere in your home so it won’t get damaged. During any renovations, this might be in a garage under cover.

When the time comes to install art on your fresh new walls, think about placement carefully. Keep it out of direct sunlight, and avoid placing it near radiators and heating and cooling units. Ensuring they are out of reach of curious children and pets may also be crucial to prevent wear and tear.

Consider Wall Strength

Homeowners who fill their walls with sizable, heavy pieces of art may not spare much thought for whether the walls are actually designed to handle the load.

During the construction process of a new home, consider installing double studs or extra studs where you know you’ll be hanging your prized pieces. The more strength your walls have to hold artwork, the more peace of mind you can have that it’s not going to fall off.

Factor in Art Sizing

Nearly any home is suitable for at least one piece of large art, but that doesn’t mean all spare wall space suits art of the same dimensions. As a general rule, wall art should consume 60% to 75% of the wall you’ve hung it on, as long as it’s free of moldings and furniture.

To know if you’re going to buy the most appropriate piece, measure the wall’s height and width and multiply both figures by 0.60 and 0.75. If you’re hanging art above furniture, it should be up to ¾ of the furniture’s width.

Set a Budget

Even if you’ve been saving plenty of money to cover the cost of home renovations, you likely don’t want to spend it all on art. Allocate a small part of your budget to home interior art pieces, and stick with it as much as possible.

Even though art is probably one of the last things on your renovation list, it can tie a home’s entire look together. Don’t neglect to do any of these things above to ensure you’re in the best position to enjoy your new artistic purchases.

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