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Energy Saving Tips 101 Guide

20 June 2020

The recent happenings all around the world remind us to be aware of our privilege. That includes having a home, having running water and everything that revolves around our comfort. We also need to acknowledge our abundant use of natural resources for electricity and the impact it has on the environment.

Energy Saving Tips 101 Guide electricity costs

Energy Saving Tips Advice

Hence, it is crucial to defend and reserve the energy we use on a daily basis. Besides, conscious energy consumption will annually save you hundreds of dollars if you keep in mind that an average household consumes electricity worth $1,500 in one year.

Your household/business needs to operate electronic appliances with utmost care. Energy efficiency can be practised by including products and services that are up-to-date in terms of electricity consumption and utility.

Some ways to potentially save electricity without compromising on comfort:

Leaking heater/ air conditioner

This is a widely ignored culprit in most households. Your house needs to be sealed tight to ensure that none of the heat/air conditioning escapes outside, which, as an Electrician Bayside would suggest, can eventually lead to a vicious cycle of escaped and wasted electricity. Please ensure that your hard-earned money is not being used to keep the attic and storage space comfortable. Check your ductwork for air leaks and damage and seal them with caulk or weatherstripping.

Line Drying and Automatic Dryer

Air-drying garments can lessen the standard family unit’s carbon impression by an astounding $2,400 per year. Specialists established that if all Americans line-dried garments for only 50% of a year, it will spare 3.3 per cent of the nation’s total private yield of carbon dioxide. Not just that, new clothesline is much cheaper to purchase and operate than a new automatic clothes dryer. Line drying is also much more gentle on clothing compared to a dryer. It is even more hygienic because line drying uses fresh air. Do consider it!

Government Energy Saving Schemes

The Energy Savings Scheme (EES) reduces energy consumption in Australia by creating financial incentives to invest in energy savings activities for both businesses and households. The Department of Planning and Environment is continuously delivering new programs to provide clean and affordable energy for the people of Australia. These programs are designed to assist them in saving money on their energy bills and improving energy security to benefit the whole community.

Energy Saving Tips 101 Guide wind turbine

Install Solar Panels

This highly underrated alternative is not only environmentally friendly but also pocket friendly because using power from the sun is free. So you will only have to pay for the electricity you use when the sun’s not out. However, some appliances require specific voltages to work correctly and require occasional service and maintenance. Contact us at Carda Electronics as we can offer reliable, professional services to jobs of any size.

Regulate Temperature of Water Heater

Water heaters are run of the mill in practically all family units; thus it is prescribed to set the water heater at close to 120 degrees Fahrenheit (49 degrees Celsius) to evade burning. Also, a water heater that is set too high can pointlessly hike your power bill as it devours a considerably high voltage. Please make it a point to periodically ensure that your water heater is running with the right voltage. Use electrical services for checks.

Adjust Refrigerator/ Freezer Temperature

Similar to water heaters, fridges and/freezers run on the same principle. Do not install any appliances in rooms where the temperature is below 10°C;

Ensure that your refrigerator has adequate ventilation (in particular if they are built-in) to avoid any problems and unnecessary energy consumption due to overheating. For this, avoid blocking any openings designed for this purpose and follow the recommended distance away from the wall.

Cook/ Bake Things Simultaneously

The amount of energy you use on a daily basis plays a massive role in determining your over-all energy consumption and subsequently, your bills. Being conscious of your cooking strategies can greatly reduce electricity consumption. For starters, try to cook or bake food simultaneously- it could be as simple as heating two things together or turning off your oven five minutes before the timer because the insulation in the oven retains the heat for some time after it’s turned off. You could come up with other efficient and creative ways, remember that every watt counts!

Assigning chores to different parts of the day

Yet another unconventional idea, doing chores at appointed timings is excellent for energy efficiency! For instance, doing chores at night is not only smart but also lowkey therapeutic! The weather is usually a little colder, and the surroundings calm. Whereas, doing tasks that require light can be done in the morning through the afternoon.

Sit In One Room

Are you tired of being that family member (who also pays the bills) who continuously pesters others to turn off lights and fans after using them? Then this proven method will ensure some savings and some peace: Gather everyone in one room of your house and turn off all the electronic appliances everywhere else. It not only saves energy and cash but also promotes family well-being and interaction.

Energy Saving Tips 101 Conclusion

Even if you are average or slightly above average in your energy consumption, take this as the sign to start changing. These are some ways through which you can be a conscious, thoughtful and efficient person. Always remember that change begins at home, if you incorporate at least some of these practices into your daily life, you will contribute to a greater whole.

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