Construction site bollards for safety and security

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Construction Site Bollards – Safety & Security

18 March 2024

Construction site bollards

When you look at the highways, road crossings, and public buildings entryways, you will notice small vertical pillars creating a definite boundary. These are called bollards and have tremendous significance in maintaining orderly public spaces. They are usually used to restrict vehicular motion to protect the walkers and the building from physical impact. These vertical structures are made of steel, wood, concrete and plastic. Sometimes they are fixed to the ground or they can also be removed or retracted.

These small structures are used in public spaces such as parks, commercial areas such as malls, restaurants, government buildings, and transportation ports such as airports, schools, universities, hospitals, clinics, etc. They ensure safety, accessibility and sustainability in the cities.

As these are the restrictive components, they have gained popularity at construction sites to ensure worker safety. Construction companies can benefit greatly from these bollards and get the recognition and appreciation they deserve.

Why Bollards Are Friendly Components to the Construction Sites

Kinds of bollards to use at the construction sites:

The following are the models that have the latest and the most innovative technologies facilitating the maximum protection of workers and passengers near the construction sites:

  • Smart bollards

The present-day technology and innovative methods using the internet facilitated the conversion of normal bollards to smart ones. More than just barriers, they can now act as information carriers by collecting crucial information for the construction data managers. These bollards are equipped with sensors that can detect the speed of vehicles and air quality monitoring. In some cases, they can even detect potential security alerting the authorities to take necessary action.

Integrating smart bollards for enhancing security in and near the construction site will help you better monitor the safety of your workers. They not only restrict the vehicle flow but can also detect dangers associated with speed.

  • Solar power bollards

Imagine bollards capturing the solar energy and storing it in the batteries that you can use to power lights and other electric items. Bollards equipped with solar power bollards can do exactly that. And they can be more helpful to the construction sites as you can provide lighting and power to continue the construction work.

It’s beneficial to the workers when the construction deadline is nearing and have to speed up the work. It also ensures the safety and security of the workers from the daily traffic on the roads.

  • Wireless charging bollards

Nowadays, electric vehicles are becoming prevalent. So to provide more electric charging stations available to the vehicle owners, bollards are equipped with wireless charging pads. In the urban areas where more people are using electric vehicles wireless charging bollards sound like a dream come true.

When you have this kind of bollards at your construction site, you are not only providing vehicles with more charging stations but also stepping towards a sustainable future. It also ensures that your workers are safe and can do the construction work without the fear of colliding with outside vehicles.

More benefits of using bollards at construction sites:

These vertical components grace the urban landscape aesthetically. More than just for beauty purposes, you can use them for various benefits at your construction site. They are:

  • Protection: as a construction manager, you have to be alert and attentive to worker safety. Apart from having protective gear, you have to ensure that they are not threatened by any external forces. By using bollards, you are keeping the workers safe from outside vehicles. As they restrict vehicle entry, workers who are working at the perimeter greatly benefit from these small structures.
  • Security: Construction buildings often have open entry. If security is not proper, any vehicle can come in and go compromising your design elements and authenticity. To make sure that only authorised vehicles are going in, you can construct bollards at entry points. If you use retractable bollards, then the vehicle can pass through them once you give access.
  • Traffic control: Heavy-duty vehicles have to come to the construction sites to deliver construction materials. If they are not properly guided to the sites, then traffic jams can happen which could affect the entire area. Using bollards, you can have a separate lane for the vehicles to pass through so that you are not creating difficulty for the regular traffic.
  • Aesthetic elements: also, gracing the construction sites are these bollards that could make your property look beautiful. Though the construction is not over, by having these bollards, you can make them beautiful and aesthetic for viewers. It could create a feeling that some amazing building is on the rise.

How are they more beneficial to the workers?

We have already established that bollards are worker-friendly components. They could save them from unfortunate collisions with outside vehicles. Let’s talk about other benefits:

  • Designated break zones: Not everyone can work continuously without taking any breaks. The same goes for workers who do extensive labour work throughout the day. Giving them breaks at the construction site to relax or to have lunch is a situation that you need to think about. With bollards, you can create designated break zones for workers to retire. They can have lunch, talk to others, relax for some time and get back to work.
  • Create walkways: They are not only beneficial to the workers but also to authorities who come for inspecting or designing. Bollards can create walkways so that you don’t have to come in contact with tools and construction equipment. You can walk freely at look at the construction work going on without any problem.

These are the benefits that construction companies could get by investing a small amount to construct bollards around the site. With different types of bollards available, you can easily ensure to protection of the construction property from outside danger.

Final thoughts

Bollards are not only aesthetic elements but also functional ones providing safety, security, and restriction to unauthorised vehicles. By having these at the construction property, you can benefit by getting a good name in providing the best worker safety policies. You can also save construction materials from theft and can protect valuable equipment by having these bollards.

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