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Best Way To Build Small Retaining Wall With Sleepers Guide

21 April 2022

Are you looking to build retaining walls with sleepers? Do you know the process of building the small retaining walls? Every house owner needs a perfect landscape in their garden with a beautiful view in the morning. You can decide to prepare a desired and beautiful landscape by adding small retaining walls and sleepers in Melbourne. You can contact landscaping companies in Sydney. They can provide you with the best professionals and construction ideas. You will find that they are well versed with all the specified things and ideas.

Best way to build small retaining wall with sleepers

Best Way To Build A Small Retaining Walls Using Sleepers

  • Overview

A retaining wall that is made of wooden or concrete planks is a sleeper retaining wall. It involves multiple tasks to build a retaining wall with sleepers, and if you are not experienced in this type of construction, it’s a good idea to hire professional retaining wall contractors. You have to measure and mark the wall site accurately. After digging the trench and lowering the sleeper at a vertical angle, leave at least 2 cm of a gap for water drainage. Fill the trench with dry concrete and set it accordingly.

  • Plan for retaining wall and basic considerable things to perform

You have to make a solid plan for the retaining wall. It is best to fix all the things before hiring the landscapers. There are small things that are quite necessary to perform for getting the best retaining wall with sleepers.

  • Area measurement – You have to measure the area in which you want a retaining wall with sleepers. It is best to use a considerably accurate tape measure. You will find out about the length and the material needed for performing the task perfectly well. It is best to leave some space for the drainage pipe.
  • Drills for the posts – The sleeper posts’ depth needs drilling. You can measure the depth with the metal rod insertion after digging the posts according to the desired length. It provides you with an estimated idea about the depth and material requirements.
  • Attach the metal sleepers to the post – You should attach the sleepers and the post. The drill is an excellent tool to use while attaching the post. Ensure that the sleepers are attached properly from both sides. You can repeat the process to get it done perfectly.
  • Trenching – You can get a 75mm deep trench and postcrete at the depth base 25 – 30mm. You will get the best results with a perfect measure for trenching.
  • Build and fasten the retaining wall – Get the wall built with the help of professionals and fasten it accordingly. It should be attached tightly and provide a great exterior landscape look.
  • Landscape poles – The landscape poles have three different sizes and are used at different ground levels. You can build a retaining wall in Sydney by driving the pole into the ground. It is excellent to fix it at 300 mm and double the depth in case of long poles.
  • Bollards – The bollards particularly have a bigger diameter than the poles. You will find that the landscapers usually cut the bollards to level them to perfect height. The bollards are stuck in the ground for stability and the postcrete base can strengthen it to the maximum. Bollard use for retaining walls requires a more deep grounded bollard with a strong concrete base.

All these steps will support the professional to make a perfect and finishing quality retaining wall. It provides a fine structure with a perfect pathway. The organised work of Dr Garden strengthens their relationship with clients. They have a coordinated professional team that has amazing landscape construction design ideas. The construction ideas of the company are quite innovative with an efficient approach to work.

Moreover, being the leading professional landscapers in Sydney, Dr. Garden is a reputable name that stands out and provides retaining wall services that have 3 Ways structural benefits including (draining, durability and safety) and is visually appealing basis your taste and needs like Treated Pine Wall, Dry Stack Wall, Stone Cladding Retaining Wall, Gabion Basket Retaining Wall, Key Stone Retaining Wall, etc.

  • Build a strong and reliable retaining wall

You can use the sleepers at vertical or horizontal angles while building a retaining wall. There are certain conditions for using the sleepers at a specific angle. It is best to use horizontal sleepers for low-level walls and use the vertical angle for maintaining the strength or integrity of the wall.

The 50 mm deep footing with sand and cement mortar mix will work fine for the retaining wall.

The professional landscapers in Sydney can perform the complex procedure sufficiently well. They lay the first sleeper course and insert the metal rod using pre-drilled holes for fixing it in footing. After this, it is essential to maintain a 25 mm step back distance and check the sleepers to get fixed firmly.

Now, lay the second or the uppermost course. It requires a 25 mm setting again from the front. The screw can fix the lower course and backfill the gravel to make space for drainage. You can provide perfect finishing to the ground after finishing the procedure of building. It can become a beautiful decorative wall if you add some soil layer over the top and add some decorative stone pieces over it. You can get the desirable retaining wall with the correct steps and best decisions in a calculated way.

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