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Ultimate guide to home improvement projects

29 Oct 2019

Ultimate guide to home improvement projects

Home improvement project guide

We all want our homes to be as beautiful and easy to live in as possible – but it can sometimes feel like an uphill struggle to achieve all our property goals.

Like anything, it’s less daunting if you break your plans down into a few top priorities. Don’t forget that there are a few top home improvement tricks that can make a huge difference to how you feel about your house.

Here are our top 4 home improvement projects to aim for – and how to achieve them.

  1. New flooring

It’s amazing what a difference new flooring can make in any room in your home. It could just be as simple as a luxurious or high impact rug in your living room. Or you might want to replace a kitchen or bathroom floor with new designer tiling, wood floors or high quality vinyl.

A new floor can completely change the look of your room and it doesn’t have to cost the earth. There are some great ideas online – spend some time seeking inspiration! Once you’ve got a plan, ask around for recommendations: there are many independent floor specialists that will be able to order and install your new flooring for much less than a major showroom.

  1. A bathroom redesign

Upgrading your bathroom is near the top of most homeowners’ lists of improvements. Whether it’s a complete remodel or perhaps the addition of a statement bath or a luxurious shower cubicle, improving your bathroom adds a lot of value to your home and makes it much more pleasurable to live in.

It’s usually cheaper if you can keep most of the bathroom units in their original places, as additional plumbing can be pricey. Use an online tool to plan the layout – and then buy online too, for a cost-effective way to replace your suite. You’ll need a plumber to fit and seal them, but many people choose to take on the tiling or painting themselves.

Don’t forget to factor in a radiator. Some of the designs today add a real wow factor to any bathroom. Here’s a great example.

  1. Redecorating

If you follow any interior designers on social media you’ll often notice that the most dramatic difference in a room redesign is the colour of its walls. Repainting in a new shade can really lift any room.

You don’t have to replace all your furnishings to make a real impact – just enhance them with a couple of new, well-selected items. A new light fitting, some wall art or an occasional chair can give your room a whole new feel.

  1. A new kitchen

A new kitchen is also on the shopping list for many of us and again can add value to your home. It’s more important to plan the space very carefully than to spend a fortune on designer cabinets.

The perfect kitchen has a place for everything and is easy to cook in. Everything you need is within reach – you should pay close attention to where you position the sink, cooker and fridge so that they are suitably close to each other.

If the layout of your kitchen works as it is, many people find that replacing cupboard doors or worktops can give them the new look they want.

Don’t be daunted by developing your dream home. Look at each room in turn and decide how best it can be improved. You’ll often find that smaller changes can make a big difference, and you’ll have an Instagram-worthy house in no time!

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