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Casino Architecture Design Lures Customers

15 Oct 2019

Casino Architecture Design Plays an Important Role in Luring Customers

Gambling is an important facet of the world and especially America contributing tens of millions of dollars per year to the local economy. Because of its financial potential, a huge amount of funding and research has been spent by casinos in order to manipulate every aspect of a person’s gambling experience. The architecture design of the casinos plays a very important role in psychology to lure the gamblers.

Caesar’s Palace building and landscape design:
Casino architecture design plays important role

Many casinos remodel and renovate after the interval to make new changes. Well, online casinos like are easy to remodel as online sites are engineered digitally and that doesn’t require a lot of money but the focus of these new remodels in a land-based casino is to adhere more closely to the principles of design psychology. Psychology of casino is a rapidly growing field in which architects and designers try to optimize the layout, color scheme, theme, sounds, smells, and decorations of their environment to promote specific behavior.

In casino design psychology, Academy has been formed between two methods of design i.e. Friedman approach works to create excitement and energy for gamblers, while the Thomas approach works to create a relaxing and inviting environment for everyone to enjoy.

Friedman Approach

Bill Friedman is a former gambling addict who turned his life around to become a designer and architect. He based his approach of his own gambling problem and argues that bright lights, loud sounds, and being isolated from everything that’s not related to gambling is what makes people give the most money, this is known as gaming design. The color scheme of an area is an important facet of gaming design and Friedman argues that colors like bright oranges and reds are superior to increase adrenaline and gamblers. Studies show that these colors can increase appetite and excite customers and Friedman tries to use this to his advantage.

The layout of the gaming space – Friedman proposes that a confusing and maze-like layout would force guests to wander around and this would increase the chances that they would see more machines, tables, restaurants, or bars that they would spend more money at.

Another important key aspect of gaming design is to help the customer forget all about the outside world and only be focused on gambling. In gaming design casinos often removed clocks, windows, and any other indication in the casino of how much time has passed which promotes complete immersion in the gambling experience.

Thomas Approach

In contrast to the freedom design, Roger Thomas based his principles on his experience as an architect to promote relaxation and luxury. Playground design works off the idea that if a person is comfortable in their space then they are more likely to take larger risks and gamble more.

The suggested color scheme of playground design is completely opposite of gaming design. Playground design casinos emphasize blues and golds to soothe the gamblers and make them feel more at ease. The colors and decorations are as lavish as possible to make the customer feel more comfortable spending large amounts of money.

Thomas argues that people, who gamble, want to feel comfortable and that having wide-open spaces with ample room for rest and relaxation will encourage them to stay longer. Playground design casinos want their guests to leave energized and happy instead of worn out. To further the concept of relaxation playground design casinos use large windows and other indications of the outside world to put gamblers at ease. Thomas argues that someone is more likely to keep gambling if they know they aren’t missing anything and that not knowing the time only serves to agitate customers.

Casino architecture design plays important role Final Words

It is important in both design approaches that the casino has a coherent theme throughout the building. Gaming design focuses on gambling equipment as decor and playground design tends to promote art and expression. But having a uniform theme is important for a casino to increase earnings.

In conclusion, gaming and playground design differ greatly in many aspects but it is important to recognize that virtually every aspect of the casino is carefully thought out to maximize consumer spending. Everything from the colors, lights, layouts, sounds, and smells are carefully designed to ensnare gamblers.

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