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Can Brick Slips be Used Externally?

17 August 2023

Ever wondered how you can transform the look of a building without relying on traditional bricks? Consider this: brick slips. These small brick pieces can be easily applied to walls, giving them a fresh and unique appearance.

Now, let’s address an important question: Can brick slips be used externally?

Join us as we embark on an exploration to find the answer! When considering the exterior of a building, our minds ofte­n default to traditional bricks, don’t they?

Can brick slips be used externally guide

But what if there’s an alternative way to achieve an impressive aesthetic? That’s where brick slips come into play. These ingenious pieces resemble puzzle tiles that can be effortlessly affixed onto your walls. They have the power to transform both the interior and exterior appearance of your building. But, there’s a twist. Can these products handle the challenges of being outdoors and endure different weather conditions? That is what we are going to learn jointly.

Imagine if your house could don a fresh attire made of brick slips. It’s like giving your walls a playful makeover, both indoors and outdoors. This type of building product come to the rescue when heavy bricks are impractical or space is limited.

Can brick slips truly enhance the exterior of your building and create a visually stunning effect?

It certainly warrants investigation, especially when traditional bricks are the more conventional choice. Together, let us embark on a journey akin to that of detectives as we unravel the truth behind using this building product for exterior applications. Let’s work together to solve this intriguing mystery! Check out for some home cladding ideas.

What are Brick Slips?

What are they? They’re like thin pieces of brick almost like slices. Imagine taking a big brick and cutting a super thin part from it. It’s like taking the front part of a brick and using it as a tile. So, you only use the part you see, not the whole brick. The cool thing is that you get the brick look without needing the whole brick for support.

Using brick slips lets you make things look smooth and connected, like a cool puzzle. You can use them to create a design that flows nicely without using different materials that might look strange together. It’s like having a clean and neat look without any interruptions.

How are Brick Slips Made?

Ever wondered, “How are Brick Slips Made?” There are two primary methods for creating these unique items that may be hung on walls:

  • Fired in Ovens

This is just like how regular bricks are made. They go into ovens to become strong and sturdy.

  • Sliced from Regular Bricks

This is the most common way. Imagine taking the front part of a regular-width brick and cutting it off; that’s a brick slip.

The ones directly fired in ovens are less expensive, but they don’t come in a wide range of finishes.

When brick slips are made this way, they might look a bit less interesting. The clay doesn’t have as much space to make cool textures or folds.

So, that’s how these brick slips come to life, either from ovens or by slicing regular bricks.

What are the Advantages of Brick Slips?

Curious about the Benefits of Brick Slips? These innovative features are well-suited for wall applications where traditional bricks struggle to perfectly emulate the existing brick appearance. This could be due to limitations like unsuitability for the wall’s structure or insufficient space to accommodate full-sized bricks.

Brick slips are way lighter than regular bricks, which is super useful. This means you don’t need deep foundations for them, and that could save you some money. If you don’t have to dig really deep to put these brick slips on your wall, you might not need to spend as much on labor.

Here’s A Cool Thing

They also let you do things with brick houses that are usually not possible with regular bricks, and guess what?

You can use them inside too! Like in kitchens or bathrooms, or even to make a nice brick fireplace without taking up lots of space in a room that’s already there. So, brick slips aren’t just for the outside!

Are Brick Slips Easy to Install?

Putting up brick slips is simpler than you might think. Professionals like tilers or bricklayers can handle it, and even if you enjoy DIY projects, you can do a really good job.

You don’t have to be a pro to put up brick slips yourself, as long as you’re decently skilled. The process is a bit like tiling a wall. It’s basically simply tiling, but a bit more adaptable. You put the mortar in the gaps between the slips,

The way you build a brick slip wall is different from regular bricklaying. Regular bricks hold up on their own, but brick slips need adhesive to stick to a base. After putting them up, you fill the gaps between the slips so they look like regular bricks.

Usually, brick slips are sold one by one, but you can also find them in panels that are faster to install.

What are bricks wall interior


So, that’s the lowdown on brick slips and their capacity to enhance the aesthetics of both interior and exterior building surfaces. But what’s the deal with using brick slips on the outside? We’ve explored their benefits, installation process, and unique features in depth.

These slim pieces of brick are like little magicians for modern designs. Walls can receive a fresh appearance without the burden of standard bricks. Furthermore, they are easily installed, whether you possess expertise or simply have a passion for do-it-yourself projects. It is akin to unraveling a puzzle, enabling both the interior and exterior aspects to exude an extraordinary allure. By employing brick slips, one can foster boundless creativity without being encumbered by conventional constraints.

Whether you’re looking to give your kitchen a fresh vibe, make your bathroom pop, or give the outside of your place a cool makeover, consider using brick slips. They can be your ally in transforming any space with style and ease. The answer to whether “Brick Slips can be Used Externally?” is a resounding yes. They serve as a remarkable fusion between timeless aesthetics and contemporary style, allowing buildings to distinguish themselves in an extraordinary manner.

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