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Bradford House Market Trend: What to Expect in 2023?

16 July 2022

The Bradford House Market is one of the country’s most sought-after places to live. With steady population growth and some premium housing developments, it’s safe to say that this neighborhood will be around for a while!

We look at what to expect in 2023 and how these are likely to affect house prices, how much people will be able to afford, and potential risks and opportunities for investors.

We also outline some likely outcomes that could affect Bradford House by looking at other major London property markets. Let’s get started.

Bradford House Market trend guide

New Projects Will Draw Investors and Residents

There have been many new build projects in London over the past few years, but this will increase even further soon. The government intends to build 100,000 homes annually by 2024, which means there will be high demand for new homes across all industry sectors.

A new wave of residential projects is expected to come to the market in 2023. While the market is still recovering from a major crisis, many new projects have been coming up over the past few months.

The new developments will be greeted with positive investor sentiments and attract residents from all over the world.

The lack of good housing stock in the city makes it difficult for investors to find suitable properties at affordable prices. However, with some new developments, investors will start investing again in this market.

Prices Will Rise

There is a lot of speculation going on about the Bradford House Market. The current mortgage rate is 3.75%, and it’s expected to be lower than that by 2023. Such analysis means that mortgage interest rates will rise significantly, making buying a home more expensive.

The good news is that there are still some great deals out there if you are looking to buy a home soon. You can actualize this dream through Bradford conveyancing solicitors such as AVRillo.

Notably, the housing market in London has been on an upward trend for the past few years, and it is not showing any signs of slowing down anytime soon. In other words, the housing market will continue to be extremely active.

That can be due to the fact that there are now more buyers than sellers, leading to increased property prices and demand for new homes.

Rental Rates Will Rise

Bradford House Market is set to be one of the biggest residential projects in the country, with an eye-watering £1.5 billion worth of homes planned for the development. The first phase of the development will consist of around 1,500 new homes and apartments, which will get sold off-site to investors.

Once completed, Bradford House Market will have a total of over 7,000 homes and apartments across two phases. But what does this mean for renters looking to get on the property ladder?

With such high demand for new houses, there is no doubt that house prices across London will continue rising faster than ever before. That is true, especially considering how low they were during the financial crisis, which many believe was caused by low-interest rates.

Bradford House Market Trend – High Demand

In a world where the population is growing, there is a need for more housing – causing High Demand. The problem is that there are not enough homes to go around. That is where the Bradford House Market comes into play.

The population of Bradford has grown by 5% in the last ten years, and it is expected to grow at the same rate over the next decade. It means that there will be an increase in accommodation demand and other services such as restaurants and retail outlets.

The market is undergoing a significant transformation from being a retail center to a place where people can live, work, play, and socialize.

Increase in Apartment Building

There is also a growing trend where people choose to live in smaller apartments instead of large houses with yard space.

This trend has resulted in an increase in apartment building construction over the last few years, which has further increased demand for the land area and housing units offered by developers looking for various locations for setting up their projects.

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Bradford House Market Trend guide – Summary

If you are interested in looking at something else, then it is likely that the Bradford House Market might be something that you will want to invest in.

Overall, Bradford House is set on being a nice marketplace. A place to buy decently priced, quality products from local makers. And the entire area is undergoing an expansion with many new housing properties.

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