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Beautiful Smith Mountain Lake Condominium Renovation Project

30 Mar 2021

In fall of 2019, after multiple residents reported leaks and water damage in their units, it became apparent that the Winding Waters Rise Condominium complex on the banks of Smith Mountain Lake in Moneta, VA needed some significant renovations. After close inspection, it was determined that the cause of the leaking was hail damage. To completely restore the damage, the exterior walls needed to be repainted and the roof needed to be replaced.

In addition to the condominium complex, the same renovations were also needed for a pool house, a small shed, and a 9500 square foot boat dock that sits over the lake. This was a significant job that presented several unique challenges for the crews to overcome as they carried out the renovations.

Beautiful Smith Mountain Lake Condominium Renovation Moneta, VA


The Lake

Kay Moninghoff, the manager of the complex, was particularly concerned about the roof replacement on the boat dock. Because the dock was almost completely over water, if any nails, shingles, trash or other debris fell off of the roof, they would have landed in the water and created pollution in the lake.

Kay did her research and found a Fredericksburg Roofing Company that assured her they were used to setting up protocols that would catch all of the debris from the dock roof before it fell into the water. Kay also found some painting professionals with experience in large projects. She decided to move forward with the renovations.

The Season

The entire project was completed in January 2020. While Kay was initially concerned about the cold weather in January and requested for the roofing work to happen in April, she wanted to move forward with the project as soon as possible in order to streamline the process. After talking with all of the contractors involved with the project, she learned about the precautions they took in cold weather, and felt confident that January would be a good month for the project to happen.

Beautiful Smith Mountain Lake Condominium Renovation Moneta, USA

Roofing Materials

Kay chose Owens Corning Duration Architectural shingles in the color Pacific Wave for the condo roof replacement. The shades of blue, silver, and grey compliment the siding color of the lakeside property beautifully. At Christian’s recommendation, she chose soffit intake vents, and solar powered attic fans for ventilation in order to maintain the autonomy of each privately owned unit.

The Boat Dock

The most unique aspect of this project was the 9500 square foot boat dock. When an old roof is removed, nails and pieces of shingles fall to the ground and are cleaned up by crewmembers. However, the dock is situated almost entirely over the water. This complicated the tear off process because the crews had to make sure the nails and shingle pieces didn’t fall and land in the lake.

The roofing company set up tarps along each edge of the roof to catch any debris from the roofing materials before it fell into the lake. The boat dock portion of the project took 5 days total, but in the end, the crew successfully kept nails and debris out of the water, and laid a sturdy, and beautiful, new roof on top of the dock.

Beautiful Smith Mountain Lake Condominium Renovation Moneta

The End Result

After two weeks, the entire renovation project completed successfully. Kay was happy with the way everything looked, the residents were thrilled that there were no more leaks to deal with, and the crews were happy that they had been able to meet expectations and keep the lake clean.

3 Tips For Large Renovation Projects

If you’re facing a large renovation in the near future, consider the following tips to help you prepare well and set good expectations during the time the project is being completed.

1.    Hire The Right Team

Choosing the right contractor or team to hire can be the difference between a smooth renovation process, or a stressful one. When Kay was concerned about her project, she took the time to find the best roofing company and painting company she could, so that she didn’t have to worry throughout the project.

Taking the time to choose your team well brings confidence throughout the entire project. Make sure to check for up-to-date licensing, certifications and insurance information as well.

2.    Set Your Budget – And Do Your Research

Once you have estimates for your project and have decided on your contractors, crunch the numbers and come up with a budget. Make sure to include a cushion for extra expenses, in the event that something unexpected happens during the renovations.

3.    Stay Positive

Renovations can be physically and mentally exhausting at times. Be prepared for delays, bumps in the road, or other unexpected events along the way, and try to keep a positive attitude throughout the process. Look for small wins or progress benchmarks each day, and remember that even the largest projects eventually come to a close.

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