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Bathroom Style Trends to Watch Out In 2024

16 May 2024

Interior design trends come and go, but this year’s bathroom ideas remain popular. These bathroom ideas incorporate design characteristics that will let us fall back in love with our schemes – warmth, calm, and distinct style.

Bathroom style trends to watch out for

Whether you’re planning a complete bathroom remodel or just a quick makeover to freshen up your space, these bathroom trends for 2024 are worth considering when designing your new and improved bathroom.

Bathroom trends for 2024 focus on providing a warm and welcoming place with a touch of luxury. And, although creating a refuge is important, so is infusing your bathroom with individuality and design.

Using any of these design ideas can update your bathroom without worrying about it seeming antiquated after the year is over. From dramatic features and vibrant colors to refined design and classic touches, there’s enough to inspire you.

Walk-in Shower

Previous bathroom trends emphasized showpiece bathtubs, ranging from roll-top designs to free-standing extensions, but this year’s attention is on the walk-in shower, with seamless finish interiors and vanity mirrors from suitable for both large and small bathrooms.

We like a continuous walk-in shower with no threshold and the same tiling. This is fantastic, especially for tiny bathrooms—the continuous floor helps to make the bathroom feel bigger.

To accommodate the shower’s slope, use a smaller floor tile. There are tons of fantastic possibilities from penny rounds, small-scale chevrons, hexagons, or even a small stone tile like a river rock for a more spa-like atmosphere.

Colorful Sanitary Ware

Several outdated 70s styles are making a comeback in 2024, with colored sanitary ware topping the list. And if this proposal reminds you of the iconic avocado bathroom suites, don’t worry; this rebirth is focusing on more subtle, natural tones.

Colorful sanitary equipment has firmly entrenched itself as a key bathroom trend, with hues such as greens, pinks, beiges, and greys being highly popular, which is to be anticipated given that they are seen across the interior design spectrum.

We estimate that green will be the most popular color in 2024. Bathroom trends often follow kitchen trends, with green being the most popular hue. We frequently identify the color green with nature, so continue this trend by matching it with wood, either in accessories or vanity units and aged brass brassware.

Replicated Plaster Texture On Tile

Though in a slightly different approach, the plaster impression on the walls has been making an appearance in several interior design types and is expected to be a major bathroom trend this year. Adding dimension to bathroom walls, this trend adds warmth and tactile appeal to walls that were previously just painted in a solid, bland tone.

In interior design, plaster is major news. Homes with this added warmth and texture have walls that almost seem alive. One of the numerous advantages of following the trend in tiles is that they may be utilized on the walls and flooring of a wet room.

There is also the benefit of selecting a rich color and then color-drenching their projects in the same Stucco shade. Alternatively, you may mix two to create a checkerboard look, which is another popular bathroom style right now.

Bathroom Wall Paneling

While wall paneling is not a new design feature, this year’s bathroom trends reflect a revived demand for ageless interiors.

Wooden acoustic slat walls are currently popular in interior design, however, they are not watertight and hence unsuitable for bathrooms. An alternate option to produce the on-trend style is by employing wall paneling, which duplicates the sapwood features and fine knots and appears real at a fraction of the cost.

There are additional advantages to being easy to clean and maintain, being able to be put over existing wall surfaces, and being eco-friendly. In contrast to typical wooden slat walls, they may be utilized in any section of the bathroom, including the wet room and shower. Luxurious, functional, and cost-effective all in one.

Statement stones

There has been a theme running through interior design trends about creating ‘moments’ in schemes. Bathroom styles emphasize the use of a statement stone as a focal point.

We adore a statement stone in the bathroom, such as a striking Calacatta Viola. A vibrant, eye-catching marble may serve as the anchor in a design plan, with more subdued, neutral materials woven in.

There are several ways to create a ‘moment’ with stone in the bathroom, such as a statement sink or a shower nook walled with high-quality stone that serves as a gorgeous focal point.

Moldings and Trims

Architectural features go a long way toward making a space seem complete, and this year’s bathroom trend of adding trim and moldings provides a feeling of grandeur to a design, something you’d expect to see in European apartments.

It’s an excellent method to improve your living space, and if you have the time and patience to do it yourself, it doesn’t have to be expensive. Simple trim and molding features may lend elegance to a bathroom design, or make a stronger statement by painting them a different color.

Bold colors

In terms of color, bolder hues are now ruling bathroom trends. The days of simply neutrals and hues of blue in the bathroom are over, as more creative designs emerge to create a more domestic concept.

We adore exciting, vibrant paint colors! It’s a terrific approach to let your individuality shine through the design. It might be scary to choose this option, but it is easy to modify afterward.

There are many ways to make a colorful statement in a bathroom, but nothing surpasses a color-drenched plan. In bathrooms, we prefer to paint the walls, doors, trim, and ceiling all the same color. It is a cost-effective method to go bold.

The bathroom trends dominating 2024 revolve around reinstating color, creating a setting that is unique and has a timeless appeal. Whether you like a striking style or something more relaxing, these bathroom trends are a great source of inspiration.

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